Thursday, July 13, 2006

YCC Showcase at the Edge

Only a little under a month remains before the YCC tournament in Minnesota, which means teams are beginning to come out of that rough gelling stage to begin to hone their skills, schrimmaging local club teams, and nearby youth club teams if at all possible.

This monday at 6:30pm at Edgely Field in (Fairmount Park) Philadelphia the local YCC - SEPDA (South Eastern Pennsylvania Disc Authority) will take on masters powerhouse OLD SAG who will be competing at worlds later this year.

Definitely a game to see, im going to try to get out to it and see if i can manage a recap for ya, perhaps/hopefully with a few pictures.

Look for updates from the other YCC teams in the coming days, as well as more in depth coverage and analysis of SEPDA.


miranda roth said...

A similar scrimmage will be taking place Sunday July 23 at the Safeway Fields at UW between Seattle Sun Shine (the YCC boys) and Voodoo (the second Seattle mens' team) at 9:30am. Bring breakfast and come watch!

Julian Hausman said...

Pittsburgh Impulse (YCC Boys) is scrimmaging Iron City Ultimate (men's masters team) this Sunday at 11:30 at Upper O'Hara field.

Impulse also scrimmaged the Pittsburgh Open Team Burgh last Sunday. The score was 13-7 Burgh, but considering that Impulse was missing half of our total roster, it was an impressive performance. At No Surf in Cleveland one month ago, Impulse lost to Burgh 15-4 with a full roster, so it was a great improvement.