Wednesday, July 05, 2006

CSTV Event: West Coast Location Announced

drum roll please..... the PlayUltimate CSTV College Ultimate Event location for 2006 will be...

The Ram Restaurant and Bighorn Brewery
2650 NE University Village St
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 525-3565
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The game will start at 6pm local time, but try to get there around 5pm if you want the good seats (or just to hang out and grab some food)

any questions about the event in Seattle can be forwarded to Miranda Roth who will be spearheading the effort - - (if you need to let your parents know if there will be a chaperone, Miranda will be fulfilling that duty)

so once again it will be Wednesday - July 19th 2006 - 6pm local time

all are invited, bring friends we'd like to make it a nice event to introduce people to the sport, connect with other people who read the site and just have a good time watching ultimate.

if you plan on coming give a shout out in the comments section

East coast location should be announced within the next two days...


Billy said...

What time does this start?

McCabe said...

games start at 9pm, id try to be there 10-15 minutes early if i were you though - order some grub, grab a soda, guarantee yourself a good seat (rumor has it its gonna be packed)


Billy said...

Thanks. The CSTV website says 9pm EST, so I wasn't sure if it was also playing at 9pm PST (since it's not live they can easily do that kind of thing).

See you there.

miranda roth said...

It starts at 6pm west coast! I will get there at 5 to get us some space and all are welcome to join me. Moho practice will be held at the Ram that night as well so everyone should be able to come. Also for parents - we will be sitting in the family dining area and we will have a few chaperones so you can feel comfortable dropping your kids off...but we would love to have parents attend as well! If you have questions do feel free to email me.

McCabe said...

apologies to all, im kinda in an east coast mindset here, the games will start at 6pm like miranda said, but try to get there around 5ish to snag the good seats.

lets hear the hype whos coming?