Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Help send Team Venezuela to Junior Worlds

From Tony Leonardo -

The latest update is that sometime this week they will be waiting to
get the word on whether a company will be able to support the team to
come to the U.S. this August for Junior Worlds.

If they don't get the corporate funding, I dont know what their status
will be, but I would imagine it could be grim.

I have been a major proponent for getting these high school players
from South America to the United States this summer. It is clear to me
that these young players will carry the spirit of Ultimate forward for
the next 15-20 years in their respective countries. Getting a chance to
go to Junior Worlds is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for these kids.
Their motto is "to be the best, we have to play the best!" and I think
that's a great way to look at it. They want to get better as players.
Getting to Worlds will help them form a strong bond with the game of

Just for a second - think about a time when you or your team couldnt go to a tournament because of money, it sucked, ive been there myself.

I think it would be an awesome gesture if the high school ultimate players of america were the ones to get together and help send the teams to Devens, Massachussettes.

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McCabe said...

hey if you do contribute and dont mind putting your name out there (even anonymously)

feel free to comment and let everyone know, i think it would be very cool to see how much the PlayUltimate community can put together for the Venezuelan team


Anonymous said...

The Israeli team is looking for three Israeli citizens to play on their worlds team.

Also, can we have a post where we find out where seniors are going to college?