Friday, June 16, 2006

HS College decisions

ask and ye shall receive, this is definitely a long overdue post, but better late than never.

Where are the seniors on your teams going to college? Any to the top 16 in either men or womens? (posted below the fold for reference)

Seniors posting, if you want to leave your email address with the comment maybe the current team powers that be will contact you if you havent spoken with them already.

alrighty then - lets hear it...

1. Florida
2. Wisconsin
3t. Georgia
3t. Stanford
5t. California-San Diego
5t. Colorado
5t. Oregon
5t. Texas
9t. Michigan
9t. Michigan State
11t. California-Santa Barbara
11t. Kansas
13t. Harvard
13t. Pittsburgh
15t. Brown
15t. Delaware
1. Stanford
3t. Colorado
3t. Wisconsin
5t. British Columbia
5t. California-Davis
5t. Dartmouth
5t. Florida
9t. Georgia
9t. Michigan
11t. Emory
11t. Tufts
13t. Swarthmore
13t. Texas
15t. Carleton
15t. Delaware


Alex Peters said...

CB East (PA)

Eddie Peters - Pitt
Justin Zortea - Pitt
Art Shull - Cornell
Ryan Bleam - Elon
Mike Maio - Penn State (Altoona then main, I think)

Thomas Sanchez said...

San Francisco State (The Future) is picking up alot of Bay Area kids:

Connor Murphy- Alameda
Shane Harris-Alameda
Matty Sung-Castro Valley

combined with some Tera Nova and Las Positas kids, SF State is coming up in the world...

Kevin said...

Castro Valley High School

Matt Sung (junior worlds) SF State
Taylor Lahey (junior worlds) UC Davis
Kevin Draper (myself) Carleton

Anonymous said...


Ryan Thompson - Stanford
Stephen Panasci (jr worlds) - NC State

johnny b said...

South Eugene HS

Chris Bronson - Colorado State
Nic Floyd - Harvey Mudd

Julia Sherwood - Seattle University
Chris Norton - Oregon

Anonymous said...

Hopkins HS

Mike Arenson: Minnesota
Ben Feldman: Wisconsin-Madison (jr worlds)
Yossi Kakou: Minnesota-Duluth
Justin Kaminsky: Kansas

Anonymous said...

Terra Nova HS

To CA players, the names in parantheses are the jersey names.

Scott Miller (Millertime / Treat Tamer) - UC Irvine
Emile Morales (Lapu / Commodore Pwnage) - UC Davis
Ben Josepher ('Jamin) - UC Santa Cruz
Jeff DeJong (De Jong) - UC Davis
Tony Faccenda (Faccenda) - Chico
Kyle Hancock (Kyyyyyyle) - Humboldt
Brendan Sasso (Sasso) - Claremont McKenna

Fantusta said...

I've been meaning to assemble this list, actually...
Lower Merion Babaganouj (PA)
(A team of seniors, seriously):

Max Abrahams (YCC) -- Brown
Shai Adi -- Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Eric Alexander (YCC) -- Carleton
John Arganbright -- Northwestern
Adam Barber -- Johns Hopkins
Dave Brandolph -- Hofstra
Jon Eisen -- Wash. U St. Louis
Gabe Friedman (YCC) -- Yale
Sam Herman -- Temple?
Luke Herrine (YCC) -- Oberlin
Alex Jones -- Hartford
Jin-Huon Jou -- Lake Forest
Alex Kadesch -- Cornell
Brian Nevison (YCC) -- Penn State (Main)
Dave Rublin -- Penn
Chris Vanni (YCC) -- Queen's University
Maxx Vitiello -- Goucher
B-team seniors:
Tim Gowa -- George Washington
Seth Lieblich -- Brandeis
Bob Saris -- CMU
Adam Schwaid -- NYU
Erin Taylor -- Tufts

Most players have stated that they plan on continuing playing.
Carleton and Brown are the highlights of the list, obviously.

Other Philly players:

Kyle Baynes -- Pitt
Aman Nalavade -- Penn

Franky Frank -- Bucks Co.?

Anonymous said...


Aman Nalavade said...


Aman Nalavade

McCabe said...

St. Joe's Prep -
Harry Fennimore - Ursinus
Andrew Gangemi - University of the Sciences Philadelphia (USP)

(the rest are juniors or younger - look. out. phuel. ... hopefully.)


Anonymous said...

Watchung Hills Region HS (NJ):

Jason Ku - Wake Forest, NC
Bryan Lian - Rutgers, NJ
Glenn Poole - Rutgers, NJ

Anonymous said...

Sam Kanner (amherst, jr. worlds) - Carleton

McCabe said...

a few more additions - c/o the Pittsburgh PHUL message boards

Chris Brennenborg - (jr worlds) - pitt
Eric Feingold - U. of Vermont
Anne Hoedeman - Earlham
Jay Huerbin - Pitt
James Lee - James Madison University
Jack Miller - Pitt
Brent Shipe - Bucknell
Ben Smith - Bloomsburg
Christian Sirney - Bowling Green U
Hao Su - Carnegie Mellon
Zack Smith - CMU
Luke Wildfire - UVA

a little bit more of a picture of who will be starting off the year with a few recruits - if you know guys on other teams have them post where their seniors are going - spread the word.

Fantusta said...

Christie Lawry, from Hampton, is going to Pitt as well.

miranda roth said...

What I know:
Kelsey Colpitts (Seattle Academy) - Lewis & Clark
transfers Nora Carr (Northwest) and Shannon O'Malley (Nathan Hale) - UW
Drew Rowney (Lakeside) - Yale
Leila Tunnell (Paideia) - Connecticut College
Maisie Richards (Paideia) - year off

What I've heard:
Christan Torres (Boulder) - UW
2 Seattle dudes - Carleton (I think one is Zach Montes...)
Someone else from the west help me out, please.

Anonymous said...

Kristina Dentina Mizzou
(Columbia Mo.)

Anonymous said...

Princeton -

Angus Pacala - Stanford
Bryant Yu - Penn State
Andrew Szabo - Boston College
John Szabo - Boston College
Eddie Huang - Rice
Min Yi - Wellesley
Michael Calderbank - U Chicago
Justin Huang - U Chicago