Sunday, June 11, 2006

Video Clip of UPA HS Westerns Open Championship Point

Hey all,

We have a 30 second video clip from the championship point of the 2006 UPA HS Western Open Final on our website:
(the video was shot by NWS AD Britt Atack and is used with the permission of the UPA)

Our oppoment in the video is Hopkins HS from Minnesota. They were very athletic, skilled, spirited, and well coached.

Mike Mullen, Head Coach Northwest School Varsity Boys Ultimate


Mike Mullen said...

PS - The slideshow boys photos are courtesy of Jones Oliver. And I believe the girls slideshow photos are courtesy of one of the NWS parents.

CarlP00 said...

Thanks Northwest. It was a great game and great footage.

Maybe next time you can post a bit more flattering video. I mean you just killed us in that clip.

Mike Mullen said...

Believe it or not this was the only clip our AD took of the game. Since then we have seen a couple of other plays shot by one of the moms on the girls team, but those were just during breaks in the girls games. I can't wait to see the whole game if we ever get a hold of a DV of it. There were so many great plays by both teams.

I'm about to go out and buy an external hard drive to archive all the dv of games we have been in during the past few years that are floating around. Anyone have suggestions about the best drive? Do I need FireWire 400 or can I do the vdeo stuff with a USB 2.0 connection? Is it worth it to go with FireWire 800? How big should I buy? I'm figuring at least 250 gig, but is that enough?

Thanks - Mike

Thomas Sanchez said...

LaCie drives are the best by far (I've never had a single problem with mine, and I take it all over the place).

I'm pretty sure they work on PCs and I'm sure they work on Mac (combined with Final Cut Pro, Apple video editing is unparalled).

250 GB is easily enough.

looking forward to checking out that footage.

Anonymous said...

I have a question what do you guys think is the best way to break a forehand mark. I am having some trouble. YOu got any drills or tips.


Anonymous said...

There are three ways - the IO forehand, around low-release backhand, and high backhand. The main thing is to take what the mark is giving you or throw the mark off-balance with a fake.

The IO forehand is the hardest throw, and you should practice it without a mark first. When using it to break a mark, turn and face the cutter and marker and step out and towards the marker, releasing low.

The around backhand makes use of long extension and a low release to get under the marker's hands. The high backhand is easy with an IO forehand fake and then quickly reaching around the mark's head and releasing.

It may be necessary to throw some fakes in to get the mark off-balance. Experiment at practice and with friends and find out what works best for you without being overly predictable.

Anonymous said...

High release flick. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

Hey i have also been having the same problem with backhand marks. Let me know

Anonymous said...

I just use high backhands to get inside of the mark onto the break side. The around forehand is useful too - practice getting very low and extending far out to throw behind your mark.