Tuesday, October 25, 2005

PlayUltimate recieves 1,000th Visitor

Ok, so im a little late with the announcement, but the site has received its 1,000 original visitor since the site went online in August. We now have 5 authors reporting from four different states on four leagues from around the country.

So thank you for your continued support as we expand our operation. We are looking still to add reporters for the new england and seattle areas. So if you are interested, please contact someone who writes for the site and they can refer you to me, or just leave a comment and we'll get back to you.

Want to know how you can help the site grow? Link to us. its that simple, throw a link in your profile, away message, team website, blog, facebook, myspace, xanga, whatever. Every link helps. And whats more we will link back to you, so more people will visit your site in return. All in all, everyone wins.

Soon we will have buttons for you to link to us with, but that is in the future.

So thank you again for your support, and look forward to realtime updates on the high school action in the country as they happen.

Coming soon to the site -
-A comprehensive, complete rundown of Kit Kat
-the PHUL Take II tournament is this weekend
-then we will report on a few head to head games from the assorted leagues
-Turkey Bowl II is happening in Oregon on November 19th, possibly the biggest west coast high school tournament of the fall with 20 teams
-and then whatever else becomes relevant in the high school ultimate world

so keep coming back, subscribe to the RSS feeds, and link to us, and above all -

Play Ultimate.


Nick said...

Also coming to the site will be my rundown of Junior Worlds players based on YCCs and a little bit of Easterns.