Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Complete Kit Kat Scores

Here are all of the scores from the Kit Kat in the Hat tournament, c/o Mark Rosser (Director of PHUEL), normally i would just link you to the results, but i dont believe they are online anywhere, which means we can say - we are your exclusive source for complete scores from kit kat.

anywho, its long, so click the "continue reading" link to see the whole deal -

2005 Kat in the Hat Results
at CB East High School , 10-23-05

Division I

Pool A
Pennsbury (PA) 13 JP Stevens (NJ) 1
JP Stevens 12 Yorktown (VA) 10
Pennsbury d Yorktown

Pool B
Columbia 11 (NJ) Pterodactyls 8
Columbia 10 Lower Merion 5
Lower Merion (PA) 12 Pterodactyls (PA) 10

Pool C
Wissahickon (PA) 10 Scarsdale (NY) 4
CB East (PA)10 Scarsdale 8
Wissahickon d CB East

Pool D
Princeton (NJ) 9 Hampton (PA) 6
Hampton 10 St Joes Prep (PA) 7
Princeton 11 St Joes 4

Consolation Games:
JP Stevens 11 Hampton 10
Lower Merion 13 CB East 8
JP Stevens and Lower Merion tie for 5th place
Scarsdale 10 Pterodactyls 6

Columbia 9 Wissahickon 7
Pennsbury 13 Princeton 9

Pennsbury 13 Columbia 10

SPIRIT AWARD- To be announced

Div II

Pool E
Cheltenham (PA) 11 Perkiomen Valley (PA) 10
Dublington (PA) 13 Cheltenham 11
Dublington d Perkiomen Valley

Pool F
Neshaminy (PA) 13 Penn Charter (PA) 3
Stuyvessant 13 Neshaminy (PA) 9
Stuyvessant (NY) 13 Penn Charter (PA) 5

Dublington (PA) 13 Neshaminy 5
Stuyvessant 13 Cheltenham 8

Dublington 10 Stuyvessant 4

SPIRIT AWARD- To be announced

Division III

Pool G
Lower Merion B 12 Cardinal O’Hara (PA) 10
Yorktown B 12 Cardinal O’Hara 10
Lower Merion B d Yorktown B

Pool H
Council Rock South (PA) 13 W. Windsor Plainsboro South (NJ) 7
WWPS 9 Pennsbury B 8
Council Rock South d Pennsbury B

Council Rock d Yorktown B

Council Rock South d Lower Merion B

SPIRIT AWARD- to be announced


Fantusta said...

Actually, LM beat the Pterodactyls 11-9, and the B team beat Yorktown 10-9.
For what it's worth.

Anonymous said...

Hehe. Who are the Pterodactyls? Crazy new team.

Fantusta said...

Pennsbury underwent something of a "social divide" mentioned earlier by McCabe -- the Pterodactyls are what came out of it, with the Peyote being the "official" team, I believe, and the Pterodactyls maintaining their own team.