Monday, October 24, 2005

2006 World Junior Ultimate - Team USA

There has been some banter back and forth about the juniors team going to worlds in 2006, to be held in Devens, Mass.

Albeit a little bit slanted of course, because people at this point only hype people they personally know, or have seen play. And with the lack of media coverage for youth ultimate - (save this site) - not many people can comment on the play of other high school teams without that firthand experience.

However, at PlayUltimate we like to think we have a little bit more information on the situation given our goal to cover high school ultimate nationwide, and that our audience is primarily high school players from around the country.

So comments encouraged - from your experience who are the most fundamentally sound, athletic ultimate players you have played against/heard of etc.

ill see if your suggestions match the ones im holding...


Lukester said...

There seems to be confusion based on who will be eligible for playing at this? Are currently enrolled freshman eligble to play?

McCabe said...

my understanding is yes, as long as they are 19 or younger during the games.

thus around 18ish or younger during the tryout period

but i do not know the exact particulars, that is just what i remember from years past.