Friday, October 28, 2005

Turkeybowl II Preview - Eugene, OR - 11.19

Debuting last year, Turkeybowl was simply a single-day tournament to allow a couple newer and younger HS teams a chance to play each other. Four teams showed up (Churchill, Sheldon, Winchill, and Philomath) with CHS taking top honors after a brief and extremely fun round-robin. This year, the number of teams attending has nearly quintupled (is that a word?), with just under 20 teams planning on meeting in beautiful Eugene, OR at Churchill High School on November 19th. Fueled again with the main desire to give newer and younger teams a chance to play other newer and younger teams, Turkeybowl II currently has 3 teams registered in the A Division, 11 teams in the B, and 5 in the C or MS Division. Check out: for the most current listing of teams...
Most exciting is the advent of the new schools, whom this will be their tournament and first games ever! In the MS Division, both teams from Eugene (Kennedy and Roosevelt) are in their first fall seasons, while Arbor K8 School of Science/Arts from Portland, OR has never played anyone.
Alameda MS, coming all the way from the Bay Area (nearly 8 hours) will be joining us with their highly developed team that regularly plays with their HS team. In the HS Divisions, West Salem HS (aka "THE SOUP") just began this fall and will have their first games on our fields. Tigard HS, who has been missing in action for more than 2 years, is back up and running and plans on making an appearance.
All in all, this tournament looks to foster great opportunity for new teams to experience the game, while doing so in a highly-spirited and competitive single-day format. Since most of the readers of this blog are from the Eastcoast (safe assumption?), I will be giving
a pre-tournament write up of the teams coming.


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