Saturday, December 27, 2008

Best practices: How does your team keep in touch?

This is going to be an ongoing feature on the site, called "Best Practices" where we ask the readers to submit their ideas, thoughts on a given topic and then report back. There is a ton of knowledge out there and we'd like to consolidate it and make it accessible for newer teams and players. This is based off of the Lifehacker feature "Hive Five".

So the first question - How does your team keep in touch?

Some use google groups, email chains, BBoards, blogspot accounts, facebook groups?

What works best for your team and why?

A side note, you should now have to sign up to comment. You can sign up with a fake name, fake email address or whatever you would like to keep your anonymity should you desire. But we are trying to cut down on spam, and inanity. Once you log in you will be able to rank comments as well so you will be able to tell who you should pay attention to in the threads, fun.