Thursday, August 07, 2008

US Girls Team vs Japan

I am currently watching the US Girls play Japan in their semi-final match-up they earned after taking out Canada earlier this morning 15-13.

With live score reporting, there is no purpose to write up every score I see, but I thought I would put something online with the internet access I have on the fields.

The first point was a blitz score by the Japans who I imagine lost the toss. They scored in less than 10 throws despite the US zone that is supposed to make there be many more than that... The Japanese are very fundamentally sound and bring a speed to the game that has only been rivaled by the Colombians. The US should be just as fast if not more, but the team has a few girls who struggle to keep up with their opponents. The US also is much less fundamentally sound, despite what many would argue are 'better' individual players. With only a few days to bond and actually get to know one another, it will be an amazing feat for the Americans to actually put it all together.

The score at the end of writing this post: 2-2