Wednesday, August 06, 2008

At Worlds

Not sure when I'll have another opportunity to hop online as I couldn't figure out the free internet café at worlds last night, but... I have been having a huge blast in Vancouver watching the US Junior Worlds' teams. Things are much different I suspect than 2 years ago, at least for the US girls who are now 4th after pool play. The boys are ripping teams apart with their speed and consistency. And they don't simply wait for the other teams to make a mistake, as their defense is frustrating and scary.
The girls on the other hand are trying out a clam type defense that would work even more effectively if they had another week of training camp. Watching it yesterday against Canada showed more promise to the defense, but it seemed to simply take too long for it to finally cause the turn. And sloppy offense at times; throwaways and dropped discs; their fundamentals seem to need some brushing up on.