Sunday, May 11, 2008

Westerns: finals

Lakeside over Monroe - [14-04]
Northwest over Churchill - [15-04]

Both finals seemed to be decided before the first halfs were over.

The Churchill girls lost christine Wilson the last point of the hale
semi-final and the girls were down to 9 players. They will be the
first team in the history of westerns to make it to the finals with
only 10 players and played with only 9 against northwest.

Northwest deserved the game though in every way. 4 years of being in
the finals... And they now have a championship title to go along with
the three the their boys got in the previous westerns.

On the boys side, lakeside simply dominated this weekend and proved
that they did deserve the number one seed.

The greatest disappointment was probably south eugene and Hopkins who
both exited the tournament way earlier than expected.

Hale and Cretin on the ladies side also lost in heartbreaking fashion.
Hale against Churchill knew that they'd give northwest a better game
in the finals, but a determined Churchill squad wouldnt give it up. As
for cretin, their semi final against northwest was decided on universe
point after NWS forced it just before hard cap went on.

Congrats to lakeside and northwest!

-luke johnson


Mike Mullen said...


Thanks for the write-ups from the tourney. It made it a lot easier to follow from Seattle.

And congrats on taking another trophy back to Eugene.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Why would we feel like shit? We showed that we could compete with anyone at the tournament...i think minnesota showed up huge in this tournament because we had 3 teams finish in the top bracket...and if you are going to take shots at us why not leave your name?

hopkins #35

Anonymous said...

Man what a difference from last year... South, NW, Hale, top three teams from last year didn't even make the champ bracket.
Girls side....well the finals same match up, but flipped scores.
Congrats to monroe and lakeside.... i wish i still could be out there with you guys.

Casey Ikeda
NW 04-07

Anonymous said...

It sounds like it was fun and the Churchill guys are very bummed that we couldn't go. We are looking forward to next year though!
Andrew Henry

Anonymous said...

40 mph winds...enough said

Anonymous said...

where and when can we see the pictures from this weekend