Sunday, May 11, 2008

Columbia Boys and Paideia Girls Win Easterns

Defeating Amherst in finals, 12-10 in Open and 13-8 in Girls.

After Columbia took half 8-5, the final was capped to 12 at 10-8, and Amherst crawled back with Columbia captains Brian Walter (broken foot) and Zander Padget (hamstring) out of the game due to injury. At 11-10 CHS, junior Tim Morrissy threw the game-winning goal to senior Jonah Sprung.


Anonymous said...

i thought pennsbury was the team to beat????? what happened? Zander is the best player in the country. NO DISCUSSION

Anonymous said...

clearly ARHS does not suck...CHS was just better

Anonymous said...

Columbia truly deserves this. CHS owns

Anonymous said...

Seriously who are you kids posting this shit about pennsbury? were you even at easterns? The only people who have the right to talk play for CHS and they can't have posted that because they were on the ride home. Pennsbury has won against paideia, amherst and against north hills in the fall. No other team can say that except columbia, period. More importantly, you guys all seem to think PHS has been on here talking ourselves up all season. Simply not true.

CHS won against us on game point in the game of the tournament 11-10. Play was awesome on both sides but columbia marched it down the field on universe point without turning it and earned their victory. Isaac did NOT get bitched, he played excellent and I don't think he got blocked the entire semifinals game. He also threw at least 5 full field goals and over one million goals on the weekend.

Whoever is seriously that salty needs to shut up. Nobody from PHS makes excuses on blogspot and you need to stop thinking we do.

Easterns, amherst, and this whole season were awesome, congrats to columbia on a great season and a huge win. Can't wait to play north hills at states and break the third place tie.

Anonymous said...

I think the most important thing than all that is exactly what you said about CHS, Amherst, Pennsbury and probably North Hills (who hung around for a bit) not being able to post because of the time to get home. Its really stupid to talk on this site anymore, everyone who isn't good just thinks they're good, and tries to display it with their "sweet" posts. I am proud as hell to say I played for Pennsbury this year, being one of the only teams in Youth Ultimate history to beat Amherst and Paideia and not lose to either one of them in the same season, and to finish third at Easterns. This was supposed to be a rebuilding year, not a year to take the eventual champs to universe point in the Semi's. We graduate four players, that makes 15 returning Juniors next year. So we'll be back next year, twice as hungry. CHS, you guys were sick this year, Zander, Josh, Brian, Declan, Jordan, Tim, all players in their prime playing sick, it was their year and they deserved every bit of one is or has tried to take that away from them. So congrats, to Columbia and Amherst for taking out the number one seed.


Isaac Saul #19
Pennsbury Falcons Varsity Ultimate


Josh said...

Congrats on a fantastic weekend everyone! I really wish I could have been there to see what must have been some AMAZING Ultimate.

Anonymous said...

congrats to CHS on their win and amherst in beating us in semis, it was a hard earned win in that weather and you guys fought it out until the end, good win.

and isaac, can't wait to meet up in states :)

jack ross 24
north hills

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McGill said...

Wow I am glad no one else but me is going to see all of the insane comments that will be removed by the time you see this, but easterns 08 was a hell of a time. I love all of the kids leaving these rediculas comments, most likley being all the teams that didn't even earn a chance to play on sunday. chumps not even getting an opprotunity to get paid on pay day, while Colubia is cashing big checks. Hats of to Columbia. This is coming from a Pennsbury player and the semi's was the best game of my life. Most intense matchup of the season and once again you guys came up big. Words cant describe how pissed i was losing that game or either how happy i was to find out that the title was braught back to the birth of ultimate.
Have to give a ILLA! out to all my boys for a wonderful season and wish i could be bringing the title home to the 215th with you,next year....DELPH!

Ryan Patrick Cornielius McGillicuddy
#4 Pennsbury Ultimate

Anonymous said...

absolutely disgusting lay out D in the finals:

Anonymous said...

this site is getting out of control. anyway i shot some footage of the finals. Congrats to CHS for really battling hard in the semis and finals, heres a link to what i got. sorry for the poor quality more to come!



Anonymous said...

here's another video of the finals



Anonymous said...

The championship is finally back where it belongs!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...





5. CHS.

Josh said...

Commenting now requires a log in. I know this really can't 100% stop someone from making inappropriate posts, but hopefully it'll do something to quell the tide of "fun" posts.

Once again -- dang, I wish I could have seen those games. Congrats everyone!

Anonymous said...

Tiina Booth is the most successful and popular coach in juniors ultimate.

Anthony Nunez is far from it, he has not won as many championships, has not even seen close to as many finals, and has never even faced worlds comp like Tiina has. From what I read CHS could have done it without him thanks to Josh and Zander.

John H said...

columbia is the HS best team in the nation

saul said...

well that stopped awfully quick!

The Pulse said...

"Tiina Booth is the most successful and popular coach in juniors ultimate."

Most successful, yes. Most popular? Ask North Hills about that.

"Anthony Nunez is far from it, he has not won as many championships, has not even seen close to as many finals,"

In the past four years, Nunez has coached CHS to two finals appearances and one victory. He's only been coaching CHS for five and a half years.

"and has never even faced worlds comp like Tiina has."

Nunez is more than deserving to be a coach of the US Juniors team, and he's finally getting his due - he was a selector for this year's team.

"From what I read CHS could have done it without him thanks to Josh and Zander."

Josh and Zander would not be nearly as good as they are without the five+ years of coaching they've received from Nunez.