Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weekend Open Thread 4/19: Born to Dive/Madison Mudbath/Spring Reign

Day one of Born to Dive saw Columbia go 3-0 to take their pool. Spring Reign and Madison Mudbath are underway right now as well. Report scores, give recaps, etc. This thread is all about the comments.

Born to Dive:
Spring Reign:
Madison Mudbath Open:
Madison Mudbath Girls:


Alex said...

On Sunday in Burlington, there were two inches of snow on the fields in the morning. Because of that, halfway through the first game, the tournament would be ended after the first game of the day. By 12, when the second game was supposed to start, the snow was gone. So no champion, just a lot of ultimate played.

Anonymous said...

I want to say thank you to all the teams that came out, and I just posted scores up on score reporter. Job well done to CHS, congrats on the first place. I would like to say, even though it was 15-8, it was by far the most hotly contested game of the weekend, I can truthfully say I think each team scored maybe 2 or 3 times without turning it over once. And it wasn't sloppy ultimate, just intense good matchups. Hopefully we will see Columbia again at AI, time to even up the series.

Isaac Saul
Pennsbury Falcons

Anonymous said...

The game was definitely alot sloppier than one would have expected from Pennsbury.. I understand they haven't had many tournaments to shake off the rust yet but after that performance you know that alot of work has to get done between now and Easterns. The wind was a factor but hucks were misread, mistimed, and generally rushed.

Step it up, heal those injuries, and don't let little Chez play anymore chess tourneys.

Anonymous said...

Pennsbury was definitely not at the top of their game the second day, 13-6 to O'Hara who had one sub (that game was ridiculously close for way too long), 13-9 to Woodside, whom they were vastly more talented than. Sure Columbia was really on, but geez, Pennsbury needs more games to prep for Easterns' and a really hungry North Hills team.

Anonymous said...

Lakeside Highschool won Spring Reign, but it was somewhat of a cheap victory as the two teams they were seeded to play had left because of the snow so they ended up playing CHS in the finals.

Anonymous said...

it wasn't cheap, it was creative. and the team they played was Churchill with a few south eugene players, i think.

Anonymous said...

wiss killed jv division!