Wednesday, April 09, 2008

PlayUltimate - Site updates

Hey all,

Some exciting updates and reminders for you...

PlayUltimate Contests and Events

High school ultimate news in real time
  • We are working to provide live updates via text message and voicemail-to-text posting for Easterns, Westerns, World's and YCCs. We will keep you updated as details are available.
  • Want to stay connected to the high school ultimate scene at all times? You can sign up for text message updates whenever a new post is published. Click here to sign up.
Ultimate news outside the high school scene
  • We have just updated to have an automatic stream of content from all the major ultimate blogs and news sites. You can head on over there and promote or demote content at your preference. The best ultimate news and commentary will float to the top so you are always keeping up to date with the ultimate world.
As always we welcome comments and suggestions about the future of the site, tips for story ideas as well, and we are always accepting applications for more writers and contributors to the site. Just email for more information.


Anonymous said...

The UPA publishes live scores with the score reporter for UPA events...

McCabe said...

not always its usually up to the td, and usually when the TDs do report "live" there is a delay because whoever is responsible is walking among all of the fields. and calling the scores into someone with a computer who then posts them

they also do not post point summaries or recaps until weeks afterward, as opposed to seconds after the point finishes...

(the tech we are working on would be able to post audio clips, and/or text summaries transcribed via computer program from voicemails - its pretty sweet stuff)

plus, can you comment on the upa's site? or watch the updates happen live?

or is it more like sitting there clicking "refresh" about 10 times a second?

what the upa does in terms of score reporting is certainly a great service but lets be honest when you are getting score updates from your nfl games are you getting them from or espn?

i think what we do here will be valuable, and hopefully people enjoy it :)

just my opinion though,