Friday, February 08, 2008

Announcing the 2008 Highlight reel contest

Its back and better than ever.

With spring seasons just around the corner the time is ripe to announce the 2nd Annual PlayUltimate Highlight Reel Extravaganza - yeah thats the name, and we're sticking to it.

Last year we had 11 submissions, with 4 different sponsors handing out prizes to first through third place in three categories.

This year we are looking to expand the competition and be bigger and better than ever.

The deadline for submissions will be some time in early May - the exact date will be announced within a few weeks.


  • video of your team
  • compiled into a highlight reel
  • no less than 30 seconds long
  • no more than 3 minutes
  • upload to youtube, google video,, metacafe or your choice of hosted video sites
  • send us a link (
    • include your name
    • address to send award/prize
    • teams featured in the film
    • tournaments etc
    • and any other relevant information
There is no limit to the number of videos any person or team can submit so start those entries rolling now. Film as much ultimate as possible and put the highlights online as soon as possible. Entries will be displayed in the order they are received, so you benefit for being on the ball.

PRIZES: will be announced within a few weeks. If you are interested in sponsoring this contest feel free to email the site at

CATEGORIES: will be announced within a few weeks as well, hopefully we will expand from three categories, but we'll see what we can come up with.

Any questions, feel free to email us or ask in the comments.


samcw said...

Columbia high school 2008 fall highlight reel