Sunday, March 09, 2008

Reminder: commenting policy

Hey all,

A reminder about PlayUltimate's commenting policy. This has been mentioned before on an as-needed basis within the comments but recent events make it necessary to announce to the broader community.

If you plan to comment you may not....
- use profanity
- use vulgar language
- make ad hominem attacks
- use hate speech or racial slurs

Any violation of the above will be deleted immediately and should problems persist we will

You are encouraged to....
- log in when you comment so people know its you (you can do this with any supported OpenID username)
- remain constructive and add positively to the conversation

Don't make us take the comments private, we pride ourselves on the democratic nature of the site - anyone can comment at any time without any restraints. Don't make us change that.

As always if you have individual comments, questions, anonymous tips you can email the site at

Lets keep it classy