Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Get PlayUltimate updates on your phone (via text message)

You live and breath ultimate right? And it just absolutely killls you being away from the game for more than a few minutes, right? Don't you wish there were a way to connect yourself to all the latest in ultimate instantly?

Well there is a way, and the way is now..... or a better slogan.

Long story short, via a new service (Pingie) you are now able to get PlayUltimate updates on your phone via text message. Standard texting rates apply but if you have an unlimited plan, or love the site that much its worth it.

All you have to do is click here - PlayUltimate via Pingie - enter your phone number and you will receive the headlines from the site as we post them.

Not too shabby. This should come in especially handy when we do live updates (like in the past) for Easterns, Westerns, YCCs and WJUCs - among any other tournament we might cover.

We hope to roll out some more cool stuff like this before summer rolls around so stay tuned.