Thursday, January 10, 2008

Spring season 2008... the beginning?

Well perhaps it might be early to talk about the spring season, but that's not going to stop me. Today it was 50 degrees in pittsburgh, and the talking heads on ESPN have already given their top 10 lists for next year's college bowl season, so i feel like a little bit of preliminary chat is acceptable.

More poignantly -

When do you start your season? It has been unseasonably warm in much of the northeast, has that allowed you to start early? Or do you wait until after Punxatawny Phil sees his shadow merely on principle.

What about teams that have athletes that play winter sports as well, how do you balance starting as early as possible with missing perhaps vital portions of your team?

Do you start the spring season in the same way you start your fall (assuming you have two seasons)? or do you start with the assumption that beginning players should have throws etc.

Leave your thoughts in the comments...

ps - sorry for the absence as of late, and a big thanks to all the other contributors for stepping up big. just realized i hadnt posted since november - yeesh. more good things on the way i promise, as time and energy permit there will be some big announcements coming soon...


A-train said...

Well here in Minnesota spring is still a ways a way so we have practice and workouts indoor during the offseason. We play in the indoor league and friday nights....and try to find whatever tournaments we can.....but maybe I should to the coast if you can play ultimate this time of year.

#23 Hopkins Hurt

JasonKatz said...

Much too cold to start practices yet, despite the unseasonal warmth of late. I need to see some consistency before I start calling for practices again, but we were able to have pick ups last week which was nice. Definitely gonna wait until Puxatawny Phil comes round, probably gonna wait a bit longer, then start relearning everyrhing.

Jason Katz
#36 Cheltenham

Raymie_y said...

Unfortunately here in Louisville we do not have a winter league or the indoor facilities to facilitate a winter league. The spring club season essentially starts in the beginning of March with those that care to play pick-up, showing up in dwindling numbers due to the weather. We’ve been fortunate enough to find some local tournaments (Winterfest and Arctic Vogue) to keep the Ultimate fire burning throughout the cold and rainy winter but that’s two tournaments out of four months). Granted we’re no Green Bay or Albany, but even snow would be better than the rain for ultimate. So until then it’s play when you can, get some time in the gym to condition and watch last year’s You Tube ultimate videos in order to get what little ultimate we can in the dead season.

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