Monday, September 03, 2007

Youth Club Championships 2007: Flood HL Video

The 2007 Youth Club Championship Oregon: Flood Girls Team video is now available. This unique tournament experience pitted the top 100 some U-19 girls in a 7 team round-robin format. Everything took place in Blaine, MN on August 11th & 12th. And though this is our video, highlights from each game are shown (not just ours).

ipod video - mp4 - (640x360) - 199MB
stage6 divx stream - divx - (1280x720) - stream

googlevideo - (320x240) - stream
(use this as a last resort, because the quality puts the video to shame)

(Though I did not want to put out a lower quality version, there have been requests made.  I cannot upload this video to youtube as they have restrictions over 100MB, but this is now available on googlevideo to see.  The quicktime stream that I normally do was not getting much use at all in previous videos and its' a headache to get to work right now.  So, I leave you with these three sources)


Anonymous said...

can u put it on Youtube just cause some people (myself) won't able to see it otherwise. thanks

Lukester said...

Try stage6, I was very impressed with them. Youtube only allows me to upload 100mb videos and this one is just under 200mb. I can break it into two files, but that is something I cannot do anytime soon.

Alex Peters said...

Why do they all throw those ridiculous pseudo-high-release flicks with no step or pivot?

The Pulse said...

I really like how your videos show both team's goals and provide good footage for both teams from each game. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

our pseudo-high-release flicks are because we are lazy/ alot of the girls on our team didnt learn how to throw normal flicks, they learned high release first.

Anonymous said...

The soundtrack to this video was like 16 minutes in mash-up hell.

Lukester said...

kevin... normally, i won't respond, and though I know you mean no ill intention, I feel i now have reason to explain the logic I used to chose the music.

I chose the following tracks for the following 4 reasons:
1) Putting out videos every month for the last year has taken a considerable toll on the number of 'good' and 'known by me and others helping me' tracks out there... I simply have run out of stuff to use and finally found some stuff that wasn't used.
2) The mash-ups are recognizable, which is good since most people like music they somewhat recognize when applied to another thing they enjoy; ultimate. And they are also unique, so as to be creative and add some spice to the videos that wouldn't be there if i just used something like Fort Minor over and over and over again.
3) Though I have never charged and will NEVER charge for my videos, there is some ethical dilemmas in using commercial music. Though mash-ups are still commercial songs, I feel (and i could be wrong) a bit more detached and at least one arms length further from the debate.
4) I personally like the songs and at least 2 of them are strongly significant to our team and add another layer of emotional significance to these films, especially considering I had to leave this team and these players somewhat unexpectedly for grad school nearly 2000 miles away.

Anonymous said...

i like luke's videos. especially the FLOOD YCC and 2006 WESTERNS OPEN STORY.
good work luke.

McCabe said...

hey just got the chance to watch this.

awesome awesome video, and some sweet play by those filmed (really nice bids all over the place).

im gonna miss the videos a lot luke, not gonna lie. huge contribution to the growth of juniors ultimate, being able to see how teams from around the country play.

for those interested, on the lower right hand side you can click on past videos (of luke and others) featured on the site.

Anonymous said...

So i know its off topic............but the season is goin to start soon and what teams have the chance to take home the gold at nationals?

Anonymous said...

great video luke. but seeing myself get skied on film? and the black and white slo-mo replay? i can feel my pride dwindleing.

thanks for taking the time to film all your games.