Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Reminder: Contributor Apps due in 4 days!

Apologies to all regarding my lack of posting as of recently, later this week there will be a post regarding "summer reading" which will be fun and entertaining.

Throughout the summer thus far you will have Jay Huerbin's cataloging of the Pittsburgh Impulse and their road to YCCs, in addition to all the other great content from our spectacular cast of contributors.

A spectacular cast of contributors, i might add, that you have the option to become a part of. The applications are due in four days! So hurry up and apply, its a great thing to add to your resume, and who knows if somehow high school ultimate explodes more than it already is perhaps I'll be able to start paying contributors... dont count on it, but its possible.

Rumors also have it that there might be international branches opening up... details will come in August, ill leave the tease as is for now. But consider yourself becoming a part of a multinational news organization... seems like something colleges or prospective employers would like.

Either way, consider at least applying. The deadline is very soon, get your stuff in, continue to check back for updates and great content from all of our awesome contributors and also - if you post anything online ultimate related submit it to PlayUltimate.us. If you post something to your individual blog, or pictures to your flickr account, or create an ultimate facebook group or anything like that, submit a link. Thus far the site has been a resounding success and we are hoping to expand the audience roughly ten-fold within the next two months.

If you are ever bored and looking for the latest and greatest ultimate-related media online PlayUltimate.us is the place to go.

So in conclusion, great things coming this summer, apply to be a contributor, visit PlayUltimate.us

Play Ultimate.