Monday, June 25, 2007

New contributor!!

Thank you to all who applied during this round of contributor applications. For those not selected we will have another round of applications during the end of August, the process will be identical.

But here and now, we'd like to congratulate and welcome Ryan Thompson as a contributor to PlayUltimate.

Ryan has been an active commenter over the past year+, and has been writing on his personal blog for the past few weeks on all different aspects of ultimate.

Ryan played for Columbia HS in NJ, but currently splits his time between the Jersey YCC team and Stanford's Bloodthirsty.

Feel free to welcome him here, within the next few days he will put up a bio post and then regular posts after that.

So congratulations!


Swerd said...

yeah ryan!

Jay Huerbin said...

Welcome...It'll be nice to see some more YCC previews than just Pittsburgh's.