Friday, June 22, 2007

Juniors playing Club

This question comes up every year, but as the Club season is gettin rollin, who from our high schools are playing? List the below information, and I'll get this post updated with new info...

And, cause I started this post, I'll add what I know:

Team: Rhino
Division: Club Open
Location: Portland, OR
06' Standing: 6th at Nationals
Junior Players:
-John Bloch (SEHS '07 - Uof Oregon)

-Jacob Janin (SEHS '08)
-Daniel Force (CHS '07- Oregon State)
-Collin Smith (CHS '07 - Whitman)

Team: Sack Lunch
Division: Club Open
Location: Boulder, CO
06' Standing: ?
Junior Players:
-Hylke Sneider (Lakewood '07)
-Marco Alatorre (Lakewood '07)

Team: Rare Air
Division: Club Womens
Location: Boulder, CO
06' Standing: Tied for 3rd at Nationals
Junior Players:
-Brenna Hokanson (East '07 - ?)

more to come when i can find logos of teams...


Anonymous said...


Sack Lunch:
Hylke Sneider (Lakewood '07)
Marco Alatorre (Lakewood '07)

Rare Air:
Brenna Hokanson (East '07)

Box Lunch:
Christina Ward (Lakewood '07)

Slow Dance:
Spencer Branson (Cherry Creek '07)
Kyle Casey (Colorado Academy '07)

ben h. said...

To further expand on Luke's post:

seems like a lot of youth players are participating at this weekend's Boston Invitational, either individually or as teams.

- Massachusetts' YCC team (Team M)

- Slow Children (aka Longmeadow)

- Roots of Rhythym (isn't this a Mercer, NJ summer league team heavily comprised of Pennsbury players?)

Props to everyone seeking better competition. Come the fall, you will feel like big fish in the small pond that is high school Ultimate.

Anonymous said...

d.force is going to OSU?

Wasn't it Pepperdine?...

Anonymous said...

I decided after the deadline to go to OSU. They still let me in. Pepperdine just ended up not being a good fit for me. So OSU it is.

Daniel Force

Anonymous said...

Roots of Rhythm recently decided to go club, they are mainly made up of past a present Pennsbury players with a handful of random pickups

The Pulse said...

Phil Warren and Dave Kelly are a pair of tall pickups (incidentally, both played juniors).

Barrett said...

Team: Chain Lightning
Division: Club Open
Location: Atlanta
06' Standing: Semifinalist at Nationals
Junior Players:
-George Stubbs (Paideia 07' - Harvard)
-Grant Lindsley (Paideia 07'- Carleton)

The Pulse said...

Amber Sinicrope is still playing for Brute Squad (ARHS '07)

Anonymous said...

from the last post

in the previous discussion about this we learned:

Brian Walter and Jonah Sprung are playing with Brooklyn

drew JOhnson is on riot

lindsey wilson(?) is on shazam

carly maconaghy is on wicked. and apparently is amazing.

bunch o kids are looking at pike

is there any word on the churchill players that were trying to make rhino?

Anonymous said...

Daniel Force and Collin Smith from Churchill made Rhino. They played with them at Solstice last weekend.

Anonymous said...

Did Andrew Hollingworth make Boston? I didn't see him at the Invite.

By the way, did anyone else pay attention to the stats of the CHS video... looked like a team that relied solely on DForce.

Let's get all the Open YCC players back to talking about Mixed YCC, at least that was fun to read.

Anonymous said...

NJ YCC roster is up on Ryan's website.

Anonymous said...

zander, jesse, ryan, josh, ryan, and stephen on the same line is gonna be sick

Anonymous said...

I admit, that line is sick... I do think it's funny that you couldn't think of another person to fill out the line. Going in six deep to a tournament doesn't bode well.

Unfortunately, those studs will have to split O and D so I don't think we'll be seeing much of that all-star line.

Is Golden Shoes playing?

Anonymous said...

only 1 pricneton player its not him

Anonymous said...

anonymous 11:20 am, you mentioned ryan twice. Therefore this team is not even six deep.

Anonymous said...

believe it or not there are other good nj players. Lu Wang from watchung, fred tsai from JP and d-backs are all incredible

The Pulse said...

Unfortunately, Lu Wang and D-Backs aren't going to YCC's.

JHaus said...

To put this thread back on topic,

Team: Burgh
Division: Club Open
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Juniors Players:
-Julian Hausman (Mt.Lebo '07)
-Colin Conner (North Hills '08)
-Alex Thorne (North Hills '08)

These 3 also will play on the Pittsburgh YCC team.

Anonymous said...

":Unfortunately, Lu Wang and D-Backs aren't going to YCC's. "

theyre so far from "incredible"

Anonymous said...

they are good. you're a dick anon 2:24

Anonymous said...

no need to bring foul language into it, they're just not that impressive players. jeez.

Anonymous said...

This sort of applies to the topic.
Which YCC teams are sending representatives in Club tournaments?

I see Seattle Mixed has gone 4-3 at Oregon Rex.

MA Mixed has Ow-My-Knee coming up after competing in Boston Open division (as a mixed team).

Pittsburgh Open goes to more tournaments before YCC than any other teamm, except perhaps MA Mixed this year.

What other teams are making it out to the Club scene in preparation of YCC? What other teams have more than 4 practices?

The Pulse said...

Oregon girls went to Solstice

Anonymous said...

seattle mixed only brought 3 girls and around 5 guys to the tourney.

not sure its a good representation of their whole team, but those who were there played great.


Piels said...

any columbia kids trying out for pike? or the easterns and westerns champs, northwest and pennsbury kids, anyone know if they are playing any club?

Eddie Peters said...

Zander, Panasci, and Josh from Columbia aren't going to Pike anymore.
Roots of Rhythm, a Pennsbury alumni summer league team, is going Club, with most of Pennsbury's outgoing seniors on it.

JHaus said...

Pittsburgh Open (Impulse) goes to No Surf in Cleveland and Motown Throwdown in Michigan.

The Pulse said...

Jeremy Norden is playing for Voodoo.

Stephen Panasci is trying out for Black Molly/Olio.

Piels said...

why are the 2 south eugene boys on the rhino roster on the RRI, and the 2 churchill boys aren't?

Anonymous said...

Jacob and I went to the initial Rhino tryout and both made the team, whereas Daniel and Collin both made it afterwards after playing with the team at Solstice. They're on the team officially now.

Johnny Bloch
Rhino Ultimate

Piels said...

thanks. any other juniors playing for the northwest powerhouses? revolver is basically all stanford and alumni, and JAM is an older team, but anyone tryout at least? i know nate castine is playing for sockeye now, but he graduated from nathan hale in '05. any canadian junior worlds players on furious?

Tom Bassett
Needham Ultimate #8

Anonymous said...

Also on Sack Lunch from Denver-
Matty Zemel (Cherry Creek '07- CU)
Alex Hill (Cherry Creek '07- UF)

Anonymous said...

Noah Saul Mark Dundala Scott Wright Isaac Saul Aaron Pavitt Mike Prince Denny Bechis all playing Roots.

The Pulse said...

A lot of young players in the bay area are playing for YR, and Matty Sung plays for Brass Monkey, and Adam Fagin plays for Mischief and practices with Revolver too.