Thursday, May 17, 2007

2007 College Choices - Thread #6 - ANNOUNCEMENT DATE CHANGE

Date Change: after looking at the ultimate calendar for the next few weeks it occurred to me that College Nationals is the weekend of the 27th. Since i will be attending and since this would be a great opportunity for all those college players to discuss the 2007 list i am moving the release date of the list to Wednesday, May 23rd at Midnight (as many college players will be traveling to Columbus on Thursday). SO, if you would like to be included on the list get your information posted now by then. (I'll change the image at some point today hopefully)

Description of the event: This is the sixth in a series regarding high school ultimate players and their college choices. Easterns is quickly approaching, as are big state championships. I know for a fact many colleges have sent out their letters by now, so announce your plans!

If you've been following along you know that last year we compiled a list of where many players from around the country were attending colleges.
You can find last year's list here.

Well we are doing the list again for 2007, and the deal is all the information is user submitted, so comment below with...

Last Name, First Name
High School
HS State
HS League
Right Handed / Left Handed
later we'll add Xs next to the names that get selected to YCC teams. It ends up being a very fun list and an early indicator of which college programs are trending up or down.

So if you have decided on a college yet, post your information below and you will be added to the list. If you prefer to keep it a surprise until the Official College Ultimate Signing Deadline, on May 23rd (when the list will be released) - you can email the site at, just put "2007 College Choices" in the subject line.

Looking forward to seeing where people are heading...

(If you would like to see all of these college choice posts, and their comments, in one place you can click on the "College Choices" label)


McCabe said...

a PS of sorts - we are trying to standardize all of these dates this year so that next year when we do this all again - the highlight reel contest, the college signing deadline, easterns previews and reviews etc, you will know when everything is coming.

ideally also next year we will be able to get a table at college nationals wherever they are displaying the 2008 college choices list on poster board for fans and interested parties.

should be a good time.

Fantusta said...

Some from LM, the girls and a boy:

Cornell University
Bowring, Andrea
Lower Merion High School

Tufts University
Wolk, Coryn
Lower Merion High School

Johns Hopkins University
Rubin, Justin
Lower Merion High School
Right Handed, working on left hand

Ryan said...

Rutgers University
Garber, Judith
Columbia High School
New Jersey

Mike said...

University OF Maryland
Lenz, Mike
Council rock High school South
5' 10"

Anonymous said...

Whitman College
Hansman, Chris
Northwest High School

Anonymous said...

Temple University
Ionata, James
St. Joe's Prep

Anonymous said...

i love chris hansman

Anonymous said...

whitman's getting the cream of the crop