Thursday, May 17, 2007

100,000 Unique Visitors - thank you.

At some point today PlayUltimate will receive its 100,000 unique visitor and its 220,000 page view. And from the bottom of our hearts, and on behalf of all the contributors, we'd like to say thank you.

Over the past year and nine months we have had the privilege to report and comment and talk about ultimate at its most exciting level - high school. We started the National Ultimate Signing Day in 2006, we held a highlight reel contest in 2007, we previewed and reviewed the WJUC tournament in 2006 (even interviewing teams from Australia and elsewhere), we've covered state championships and Easterns and Westerns and every tournament in between. And its been a ton of fun.

It has been fun because more than 500 of you every day tune in to discuss and talk about high school ultimate, the teams, the players, the competition and the future of the division - and that number is growing every month. We want to thank you for that.

We appreciate your audience every time you come to the site.

We have some exciting things planned for the future of PlayUltimate, hopefully you will stick around to see them come to fruition. But again thank you for visiting PlayUltimate.

-the PlayUltimate staff

If you would like to promote PlayUltimate further there are a number of things you can do, you can....
- link to the site - any and every way you link to us spreads the word about high school ultimate! this is really the big one, if you can put a link in your myspace, or blog, or aim profile, or facebook or anything like that every link is like a vote for Google and other search engines, so the more links there are the more sites are saying - hey, i like PlayUltimate, put them high in the search results! and that would be great.

- put the latest headlines from PlayUltimate on your own website, myspace or blog (scroll down on the right hand side and click on "put the headlines on your site", copy and paste that code into your website.

- subscribe to the RSS feed - get automatic updates every time there is a new post, you can do this by entering your email address, or by putting the feed address into your favorite feed reader. Just click on the "RSS" tab at right for more options.

- join the facebook group by clicking here. an easy way to show other people on facebook that you play ultimate, as well as support PlayUltimate. if you have a facebook group for your high school team, throw up a link to PlayUltimate so that all the younger players will know where to go for more information.

- bookmark PlayUltimate on if you use this service its another great way to show other people that you play ultiamte and again, support PlayUltimate

- click on an Ad on the site. its a very small action, but if everyone did it once a week and somehow our traffic started pulling in 100,000 visitors a day, there is theory that says i could forego finding another job and exclusively report on ultimate, and travel around the country to do so. seeing as that is fairly unlikely what with there being only 25,000 members of the UPA at the moment, if you click on a link it will give the site the equivelant of a nickel every few days.

- search the archives, at this point there is a ton of information on the site in both posts and comments. if you are looking for something or someone in particular feel free to search the site itself.

- if there is a story you like, submit it to Digg, there are links at the bottom of every post, you can submit things to the sports section or whatever the case may be. If people like what you submit they will "digg it" and as if a vote was cast it will move up a notch. the most popular stories appear on the homepage of digg and usually receive somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 hits in a day as a result. Not too shabby at all.

- join the Frappr! for the site (its like a Google maps mashup, so you can see where other readers of the site come from)

- tell your friends from other teams and other leagues about PlayUltimate by word of mouth or instant message or email, or anything really. We would like PlayUltimate to become a truly national forum for high school ultimate and that can only happen if everyone knows about it.

- Become a contributor! After the spring seasons are concluded i will put out applications for new contributors. We would like to see more leagues represented and have more posts on the site every single day and we can only do this if some people volunteer to contribute. More information on this will be posted later.

If you do any of these things i assure you everyone will appreciate it, and so for one last time, for that 100,000 visitor today - thank you.


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your welcome