Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Westerns Teams Announced!

And here they are...

Alameda Community Learning Center (Alameda, CA)
Berkeley HS (Berkeley, CA)

Cherry Creek HS (Greenwood, CO)
Lakewood HS (Lakewood, CO)

Junction City HS (Junction City, KS)

Cathedral HS (St. Cloud, MN)
Cretin-Derham Hall HS (St. Paul, MN)
Hopkins HS (Minnetonka, MN)

Rockhurst HS (Kansas City, MO)

Churchill HS (Eugene, OR)
Crescent Valley HS (Corvallis, OR)
South Eugene HS (Eugene, OR)

Lakeside School (Seattle, WA)
Nathan Hale HS (Seattle, WA)
Northwest School (Seattle, WA)
Seattle Academy (Seattle, WA)

[Info c/o the UPA Westerns Website]


Lukester said...
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McCabe said...

apologies, gross oversight on my part. there will be a post up in a second for womens for both easterns and westerns


Anonymous said...


Churchill over Northwest 17-15 in the finals.

Anonymous said...

hhahahah was that a joke?
even though churchill has a very good team and has a core of talented players, they are no match for nw. I doubt that churchill will even make it to the finals. Northwest is just too deep and is on a differnt level then most highschool teams when they have a full squad.

prediction if churchill makes it to the finals.

NW 17 CHS 11


Anonymous said...

since this is not the first prediction of Churchill over nw that i have seen, I'm wondering what these predictions are based on, given the fact that nw beat Churchill already this season

Anonymous said...

Ummm, I don't know who made the prediction, maybe someone from my team to spark conversation or something. I am not going to make a prediction at all, but we are the one's that have to catch up to NWS right now. They are the top team in the West. I do really hope that Churchill and NWS can play at Westerns, the finals would be sweet if it were there. Just like 2005.

Daniel Force

Anonymous said...

Prediction: Minnesota teams surprise many. All three teams finish in the top 8.

Anonymous said...

Churchill is good, but the depth of the Northwest team is unstoppable. It will be close, but id guess Northwest over Churchill in the semis, and probably Hale over South Eugene in the other semi. It will be a sweet championship bracket this year.

Simon Montague
Seattle Academy #9

Anonymous said...

Nathan Hale in the finals? Don't think so. What tournaments have Hale played in? Any big name players?

CHS, NWS, and SEHS have all played in college tournaments and have most definitely proved their skill, in the college and juniors division.

While I am basing most of this prediction on tournaments played, it seems that the teams that will have the most success are the teams that have played in tournaments, against teams of similar caliber.

As to the NWS and CHS discussion: it's true that NWS has amazing players and extraordinary depth, but CHS can almost match-up. I honestly think that Churchill has a pool of talent and potential that is there. It will definitely be a battle, (if the two teams both make it to the finals) but it can go either way. And if it isn't one of those teams that makes it, it will be Hopkins. They are the top three, and no one can dispute that.

Anonymous said...

Hale's rockin solid seniors, this is a big year for them. The name of their coach rhyms with "Yam D.A." It could be a easily be a Seattle final

Anonymous said...

Not big enough to be in the finals though.

Anonymous said...

I agree that CHS and NWS is a good match-up, but you cant base it on just what teams have been to college tournements. Besides, at that college tournment, NWS beat CHS. The fact that both teams lost virtually nobody from last year is amazing. It will definately be close.

Also, didnt Hopkins lose like 20 seniors, including 2 worlds players? You cant say that they are easily top 3 when they have basically a brand new team.

And Hale does have a huge team this year. Last year, they did not do so well, but they ended up just 1 spot behind Churchill. Hale also didnt lose any seniors. The most important thing about last year is that Hale was missing their amazing handler Nigel, who was sick and missed Westerns. Hale without Nigel is like NWS trying to play without Jeremy. So this is definatly a big year for them.

Simon Montague

Anonymous said...

Lakeside School?

They are a joke and prolly get knocked out in the second round at westerns, at the moment they have no stars and their team is inconsistent even in showing up, they lost to Hale a few days ago, however, they will be very good in a year and then senior year they will be dominant.

NW wins this Westerns with no game closer than 8 15

Anonymous said...

okay so i agree with simon. There is no way that churchill will beat NWS this year. just isnt gonna happen. why are people disputing this, NWS already beat churchill without Sam K.S. at PLU BBQ. Nathan Hale will make it to at least the semis. Hopkins is a joke this year. they will barely make it to quarters. they lost everyone that was good on their team.

Jimmy Hooper
Seattle Academy

Anonymous said...

the thing that everyone under estimates hale about is the fact that everyone on their team can handle the disk, they have probably the most skilled team next to NW.
I cant see CHS beating them because Hale is just so deep they are a very good team, plus CHS doesnt have the team speed to keep up with them

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Hale's rockin solid seniors, this is a big year for them. The name of their coach rhyms with "Yam D.A." It could be a easily be a Seattle final"

Sam C.K.?

Anonymous said...

Hale is deep? Churchill beat Hale last year, and hasn't lost a player. Has Hale gained any new big players?

Churchill > Hale 15-7

Anonymous said...

Someone said that Churchill doesn't have speed... I laugh at that. And as a side note, they have strong handlers. We won't know who is the better team until they play each other.

Anonymous said...

So we have heard about Churchill, NWS, and Nathan Hale. What about the other teams coming to Westerns?

Anonymous said...

Any Canadian teams?

Jimmy speaks the truth. The awesome game isn't gonna be the CHS-NWS final; its gonna be a CHS-Hale semi if the semi's end up that way. NWS is just on a different level. I think CHS will end up on top if they get to play Hale. Hale has an older program that knows how to get it done but CHS has a lot of hype this year. However, the deciding factor's def Churchill's matching hats.

Anonymous said...

How will Lakeside and SAS do in the tournament, who do they have, from what I remember from last year Lakeside lost their entire squad but are supposed to have strong underclassmen

Anonymous said...

would have like to see some canadian teams. one team cleaned up at hbts in winnipeg. they destroyed hopkins and had two worlds players?

nick said...

This probably isn't the right place, but i couldn'r find anywhere else. Anyone know if the seeds up for the Piadea Cup that are up on the upa website are correct?

Anonymous said...

yes i think the seeding is official

Anonymous said...

Does Hopkins have many upperclassmen this year?

Zach said...

yes, hopkins has 7 seniors and 8 juniors on our team this year. it's true that we lost 12+ seniors last year, but we are returning a team lead again by upperclassmen.

Zach Alter

CarlP00 said...

"Hopkins is a joke this year. they will barely make it to quarters. they lost everyone that was good on their team.

Jimmy Hooper
Seattle Academy"

Wow, pretty harsh words.

See you in Washington.


Anonymous said...

Did St. Johns put in a bid for westerns? It seems like a Canadian team that got into Paideia should have gotten into westerns.(All this is assuming they put in a bid)

Anonymous said...

though i am coming from a biased opinion hopkins is not a team that should be over looked, thought we lost much of our team we return this year with, like zach said, 7 senior, 8 Juniors, and about 8 sophomores as well. We are chosing not to look to the past and play this season as it comes along rather than compare ourselves to last. See you at westerns

Hurt #4

Anonymous said...

I have to say that Hopkins will not be in the top 4 this year. They lost their leadership as well as their core.I"m sure they are still a solid team, but nothing like NW, CHS, SEHS, of NH. Hopkins wont make it past quarters. I know thats harsh, but it's true.

Anonymous said...

Now we can see that is true...