Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Easterns Womens Teams Announced

Drum roll please...

Amherst Regional HS-Varsity (Amherst, MA)
Amherst Regional HS-JV (Amherst, MA)
Andover HS (Andover, MA)

New Jersey
Columbia HS (Columbia, NJ)

New York
Stuyvesant HS (New York, NY)

University School of Nashville (Nashville, TN)

Yorktown/HB Woodlawn (Arlington, VA)

James Madison Memorial HS (Madison, WI)

[information c/o UPA Easterns Website]


Anonymous said...

i think pennsburys beat columbia in the fall?

joe barbanel said...

there is no "columbia, nj".

there's a maplewood, nj though.

or as the locals affectionately call it, maplehood.

Anonymous said...

Columbia High School is from both Maplewood/South Orange NJ. Also they did not play pennsbury girls so there could not have been a loss.

McCabe said...

theoretical question: why does westerns have 11 teams but easterns only has 8?

seems there are more easterns womens teams that are just starting - namely in pittsburgh and philly that were left out?

do the same constraints with state championships apply for the womens' side of things?

since by most accounts the womens leagues are younger than the open, do you think it would be a bad idea to relax these constraints a little to encourage more teams to get off the ground initially and perhaps be able to play more games against other womens teams?

just thoughts, seems unfortunate that teams struggle hard enough to get enough girls to play, form a team, compete in their local open leagues and cant get into one of the few high school exclusively girls tournaments in the country.

or perhaps this is all moot and those other teams didnt apply.

either way, id love to hear more discussion about the girls' side of things, more information the better because at the moment i am woefully undereducated.

Kyle Weisbrod said...


First of all, I'm not sure if the PA teams applied. But if they did, I *think* that the reason they weren't admitted is because, though they were capable of hosting a Girls HS State Championship in 2006 (there were multiple teams in the state), they didn't.

The rules governing how teams are selected is explained on the UPA website: http://www.upa.org/programs/youthdev/comp_guidelines#Regreq.

And the reasoning is explained at: http://www.upa.org/juniors/championships/EasternsandWesternsFAQ (questions 3 and 4)