Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Announcement: High School Ultimate Highlight Reel Contest

Announcing the first annual High School ultimate Highlight Reel Contest.

The basics -

  1. video of your team
  2. compiled into a highlight reel
  3. no less than 30 seconds long
  4. no more than 3ish minutes (Changed from 2 mintues)
  5. upload to youtube, google video,, metacafe or your choice of hosted video
  6. send us a link (
    1. include your name
    2. address to send award/prize
    3. teams featured in the film
    4. tournaments etc
    5. and any other relevant information
  7. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in two categories - Editor's Selection and People's Choice
    1. people's choice will be decided by a vote on the website
Deadline: all video links must be submitted by May 1st
(winners will be announced by May 8th - a week before Westerns)

Prizes: there will be prizes! (to be announced later - if you are an ultimate merchant and would be interested in sponsoring this competition email us at -

So start up those video cameras, not to worry there will be some sweet prizes, but I wanted to announce this soon enough so everyone can get a head start working up some sweet videos. As soon as you are done send us a link.

This is a chance to showcase your team's ultimate skills, your creative talent, your league's prowess and more.

I'll continue to post reminders perhaps once every two weeks or so, but dont delay send in your submissions now!

(Prizes will be announced by April 28th)


Anonymous said...

Luke Johnson won as long as he picks some decent music.

Lukester said...

I would like to propose another rule:

Only Players are allowed to create and edit the movies.

Sure, I like to make videos and I plan to get some more put out as we attend tournaments, but I will be encouraging a few of my players who have gotten into video editing to submit their creations.

McCabe said...

i agree but with a compromise - i say anything may be submitted for the people's choice award.

but for the editors choice they all must come from the players themselves.

does this sound like a good idea?

this is all open to discussion? what do people think?

Coach Becker said...

Why not just call them an "open" and a "student-produced" division?

Anonymous said...

no more than 2 minutes? isn't that a little bit too short?

McCabe said...

i wanted to keep it primarily brief highlight reels so that everyone (all site visitors) who votes will have time to view all submissions, even if there are 10-20 submissions.

but keeping in mind that most movies will probably be set to music id say anything under 5 minutes is probably still ok. its really relative to a prospective viewer's attention span i guess.

so try to keep em short, but by all means we want any and all submissions.

the idea of the contest is more short snapshots of teams or leagues as opposed to epic productions (if you make those though still submit them and we will link to them and feature them on the site).

looking forward to seeing the submissions