Sunday, January 07, 2007

PlayUltimate Mailbag: RRI Reset...

A reader wrote in with this comment -

I read the playultimate blog pretty regularly and have
a suggested topic for a headline. It concerns the
youth RRI and the fact that they get reset after
January 1st. I have talked to my coach on this issue
and he has suggested reseting the youth RRIs in the
summer when most teams graduate players, not in
January when most youth teams are generally
unaffected. I just wanted to suggest this topic to see
what other people have to say on it.
so what do you guys think? id argue for that the high school scene this makes a lot more sense. I'm also of the opinion that as long as it is feasible money-wise for the UPA they should maintain all results ever recorded for the RRI system. perhaps reset the current RRI for a team once a year, but maintain the results and a history of that teams progress and their past rankings.

i think it would be awesome to see 30 years of college ultimate history for a team, (hopefully not all on one page) but perhaps underneath their record links for each year that would have pages with those results and also the rosters.

in the dream world there would also be an RSS feed for every team so that people could stay up to date with all their favorite teams' scores.

what do you think though?

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Anonymous said...

I agree that the scores should not be reset until the summer. Yet I think that it is to late to change this year because too many high school teams did not recognize the fall as a competitive season. I know of many teams that have planed their fall season in order to build their team rather than win the most games.

Zach Ehler
Mt. Lebanon High School

Anonymous said...

As a high school player on a competitive team i can tell you that taking fall games into account would do nothing to help our teams standings. The reason for this is that we are not allowed to start practices until march, and thus have no option to play a fall season. The majority of our ultimate players, play other competitive sports in the fall such as select soccer and others, making it impossible to field a team for the fall. All this being said i see no problem with the RRI being reset after westerns/easterns, and it would probably benefit a number of teams standings, however it cannot unfairly disadvantage teams such as mine that cannot start until spring.
On a side note, it would be really cool to see RRI's going back a number of years, just to be able to see how teams have progressed.