Monday, January 08, 2007

2006 - the PlayUltimate Year in Review - Part 1

Here are some of the best posts from 2006.... (the first six months)

Elite Juniors Tourney Announced in Georgia by Matt

Slopfest V Preview by Thomas Sanchez

Colorado + Predictions by Harrison Fast

WJUC Historical Rundown: Swedish Dominance by Matt

Sports Illustrated/CNN - Testing the Ultimate Market? by Matt
Westerns Review - Teams by Mike Mullen
(There are a TON of awesome posts from May, including previews for almost every team in Westerns, Houston City Championships, Highlight videos, Easterns previews and recaps, Virginia State champs recaps and more, check out the whole month by clicking here.)

2006 College Choices by Matt (list of around 100 graduating high school ultimate players and where they are going to college)

coming soon...
top 10 most commented posts of 2006 and maybe a few other recaps


McCabe said...

i forgot to mention, if you have a favorite article from the past year, post a link.

kinda sorta remember reading something you liked? just click on the "archives" tab to the right and search for it!