Wednesday, January 10, 2007

2006 - the PlayUltimate Year in Review - Part 2

[the second in a series... of two.]

These are some of my personal favorite posts from the second half of 2006...

International Focus - Australia's WJUC Open Team by Matt
A quasi-in-depth look at the boys coming from half-way around the world to Devens, Mass to compete in worlds. Complete with interviews from the captains.

A West Coast take on YCC by Miranda Roth
Miranda gives her take on the recently completed YCC tournament. Complete with thoughts on all divisions.

Football & Ultimate by Luke Johnson
Luke talks about the experience of putting on a show during half-time of a high school football team. Complete with video coverage of the event.

CHS: Westerns 2006 Open Story by Luke Johnson
Luke posts an extremely comprehensive video of the 2006 Westerns tournament. Including an High Def format. Very worth a look.

Something positive with the sport by Matt
I wrote a story about two players from Tennessee who started a tournament in the memory of a lost friend to raise money to prevent the cause of his death.

Ultimate Coaches and Players Conference Boston 2007 by Tiina Booth
Tiina announces the first Ultimate Coaches and Players Conference to be held in Boston on January 27th.

Do you have a favorite post from the year? Feel free to post it as a comment. Still to come, the top 10 commented on posts of 2006.