Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Its almost time to gather round the table with friends and family, cut the turkey, eat stuffing and pie and all those other good things that come around this time of year. So near this holiday we'd just like to say thank you for stopping by the site, either religiously or occasionally, the discussion that has begun to grow here is awesome and we can only hope for more in the future.

Its also the time of year for high school ultimate alumni games, i know in the Philly area Cheltenham, Wissahickon, Pennsbury and St. Joe's are all having their alumni games over the holiday break. Does this tradition exist elsewhere around the country? We'd love to hear about your turkey day ultimate-related traditions.

Have a safe and happy holiday, and thank you for stopping by.



Ryan said...

CHS Alumni Game:

Alex Kinsey said...

P-HUC alumni game 2 pm saturday

ben haim said...

CHS Alumni own the series 23-10-1.

We don't have records of the '81 and '90 game. The alumni likely won.

In '95, there was a tie. The game dragged on late into the night and the Maplewood Police shut us down because of a night sound ordinance violation. Whatever.

The current CHS team owns a two-year streak over the alumni. They were the favorites to go for an unprecedented third consecutive win, but two starters are out with injuries, Zander Padget '08 and Julian Elman '07.

- Ben Haim '98

Fantusta said...

This is the first year Lower Merion really has an "alumni" class that played seriously at the school, and they're organizing more of a get-together/pickup thing for Saturday.

Anonymous said...

YHB also has a tradition of alum games the day after thanksgiving. Its always fun to see everyone come back and play, especially against those alums that went to big college ultimate programs.

Anonymous said...

zander's injured? when did this happen?

Anonymous said...

Im really surprised to hear CHS beats it alumni, considering they were much better than they are now???

Ryan said...

Well, the alumni rotation includes people from the class of '72 and onward, so alumni that still play regularly don't get into the game until the end of the first half, usually down by quite a bit. Although in 2005 that wasn't the case - the actives were stymied by the old folks and went 5-1 against the recent grad lines.

The way the rotation works is lines of 7 people, based on graduating year, play 3 points and then switch. There's a rule that once everyone plays, if it's the second half and the alumni are down, "better" lines get called.

Also, a lot of the alumni have only played together at alumni games, the active team usually has a couple parking lot practices, etc.

(go alumni!)

Anonymous said...

Wissahickon beat its alumni in a hard-faught battle this past Friday. They won with some help from the graduating class of last year, including aman nalavade, kyle baynes, and dave kelly. Lots of alumni came to the game as only 7 current players came for wiss. That is why last years graduating class played with them.

Anonymous said...

In a spirited game on the high school's artificial turf football field, the Watchung Hills alumni beat the current players 15-4. Most of the alums made it, a number of whom still play in college.

Anonymous said...

Needham beat their alumni team 15-12.

Out of the alumni's top 7 players, only 2 of them were playing and a couple of their players were somewhat drunk. They still had a solid 12 or 14 player team, and almost all of which play college ultimate. A win is a win, and its a lot better than last years 15-4 loss.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Cheltenham didn't have enough active players to really play a real active-alumni game. There were 4 active players (including me) and something like 20-25 alumni. This was the very first time for me meeting many of the founders of the team and see really where we came from. It's always nice to have an alumni game, even though ours was on an incredibly muddy field (that we demolished) at our high school.
Jason Katz