Monday, October 30, 2006

Top 7 PlayUltimate Hacks

ok, so you know PlayUltimate is the definitive source for high school ultimate news and commentary, yada yada or you wouldnt be here. however, there are a few things you can do to make full use of all the possibilities the site offers...

the top 7 -

1. get firefox. seriously, do it now. don't mess around with internet explorer any more, its not worth it. firefox protects better against adware, spyware, pop-ups, it loads pages faster and hell makes the site look better. you also get tabbed browsing, unlimited extensions, customizeable themes, and a ton more. all FOR FREE. its open source software, thus its free. literally entirely free. there is no reason not to get firefox, its a beautiful thing. (scroll down on the right hand side for a link to download firefox)

2. RSS feeds, wonderful, beautiful little time-saving creatures. Just click on the RSS tab to the right and click on one of the chicklets for whatever RSS aggregator you currently use. You can also just click on the "subscribe to this feed" link below any post on the site. If you dont currently use an RSS reader i highly highly encourage it. Google Reader is what i use and my personal favorite at the moment. Or if getting all of your information from the various blogs and news sites you frequent all in one easy to use, convenient location is too nerdy for you, you can also use RSS feeds to get an update by email whenever there is a new post. (just click on the RSS tab and put in your email address)

3. Connecting users and readers from all over the place: the Frappr!, and Facebook Group are great ways to connect with other high school ultimate enthusiasts from around the country. Im not a myspace user, but if someone wants to start something there, go for it.

4. promoting the site: see something you like in a post? click the link below is to Digg it, or add it as a bookmark on If you have your own website you can also use some of the cool tools on the right hand side of the page (scroll down a little) to add a link to your webpage, you can even put scrolling headlines from the site in your myspace, xanga etc. also, think someone you know would find an interest in the thing you just read? below every post there is a link to "email this" to a friend. they get no spam or anything like that whatsoever, just the article you forward to them.

5. recent site comments, if you look to the right, there is a box showing the most recent comments on the site. if you are wondering where new things have been posted, just glance here and click on the timestamp to go directly to the comment.

6. archives! the archives are becoming an awesome resource for information about past high school ultimate events and coverage. research an upcoming opponent, prepare for a tournament, or figure out things from other's mistakes. just click on the "archives" tab and then you can look by month or you can search the entire site for something specific.

7. high school ultimate videos - we are attempting to build a sizeable collection of high school ultimate videos. we dont host any of them, we just link to them on youtube, or google video etc, so if you hear of a video, or for that matter see one, post a comment or send an email and we will post it on the site. right now we link to 17 different videos over 3 years, not too shabby, but wed like to make it a bit more comprehensive.

hopefully this provides some new and fun stuff to do around the site and as always if you have any suggestions ideas or tips, dont hesitate to email them to


McCabe said...

oi vey, now as soon as i make this post those links from below the post disappear.

well, hopefully ill be able to get them back up soon. for now you can see what im talking about if you scroll down to the next post.

McCabe said...

and now they are back