Thursday, September 28, 2006

VA Tournaments this fall

Tidewater Tune-UP will be Nov 11-12, near Williamsburg, VA. Woodside HS are hosting the tournament for the second year. Teams from NC, VA, and PA have already shown interest, and I believe that there are still a couple of spots available. There are four or five teams that competed in Easterns or Westerns last year that have shown interest in coming. The cost is $200/team.

Also, on December 9 the LC Bird team will be hosting the 3rd Annual Sue Inge Memorial Tournament. We donate all of the money to the leukemia and Lymphoma Society in Mrs. Inge's memory (mother of one of the former players). We have donated close to $2000 in the past two years. The tournament will be played at LC Bird High School this year in Chesterfield, VA and I try to keep the cost at or below $100 (generally around $75). We only have room for 8 teams and in the past we have had teams from VA, PA, and NC.

If you would like more information on either of these tournaments please send me an email at nkchl (at)


LittleOrphanAnnie44 said...

Great to hear that other schools are stepping up to host tournaments. There are far too few HS tourneys in the fall.

Williamsburg and Chesterfield are still six hour drives for most PA/NJ/NY teams though.

Are there any teams in the DC/MD area that are willing to host ten teams for one day? That would result in an easier three-hour drive for teams from all directions.

Still a couple months left in the fall. Still time to step up, organize and host.

Anonymous said...

Yorktown/HB is looking at hosting a tournament in the spring, possibly in late march to allow teams to take a test drive before the May season. Contact Jonathan at for more info.

Anonymous said...

Any word on a teams list of some sort for this tournament?

Jonathan said...

This is jonathan from Yorktown/HB. We have a preliminary list of who we're thinking of inviting to this tournament. We're trying to make it pretty competitive. E-mail me at if you want more info. What school are you from?

Anonymous said...

So I haven't heard anything about Tidewater Tune-Up lately, so I was just wondering if this is still happening, or if an update would be posted soon.