Friday, September 29, 2006

Kat in the Hat 2006!

As the fall begins in the east, Mark Rosser will host every year's premier event for high school teams in the mid-atlantic region: Kat in the Hat.

This year looks good (and hopefully will be decidedly less wet and windy than last year), but expect to see a rematch of last year's final, between the two clear class teams of the east, Pennsbury and Columbia.

The other semi-final spots will be more interesting, with Beacon and Yorktown, two teams from outside Philly, but always coming in strong, fighting for one, and Princeton and Wissahickon, two teams graduating plenty of seniors from last year's Easterns squads, fighting against the Pterodactyls, Pennsbury's other team, which graduated only one senior (just like Peyote), for the other in the highly competitive D pool.

See the full pools below the fold:

Pool A:
Cardinal O'Hara

Pool B:

Pool C:
Council Rock

Pool D:

A1 vs. D1
B1 vs. C1

And in the B-division, just one pool:
Lower Merion X
Penn Charter
Germantown Friends
Lower Merion Y

Lower Merion graduated their entire A team last year, save a couple juniors who spent some time playing up. Now they have a deluge of underclassmen and will be looking to build up.


Ryan said...

What happened to CHS B?

Ben Haim said...

Ryan, you at Stanford yet? Seriously, Bloodthirsty will steal your computer and keyboard (or laptop, whatever) and bar you from and playultimate if you don't stop posting! Ah, college...

So to answer Ryan's question, PADA is also playing host to another secondary division in Medford, NJ.

Six schools will be represented:

1) Watchung Hills (NJ)
2) Perkiomen Valley (PA)
3) Pennridge (PA)
4) Ridgewood (NJ)
5) Yorktown JV-A (VA)
6) Yorktown JV-B (VA)
7) CHS Coed 1 (NJ)
8) CHS Coed 2* (NJ)

*Both of Columbia's coed teams feature players on our B-team (9th/10th graders) and Columbia's girls team (aka Sparkle Motion).

Both of Yorktown's JV teams will feature a number of girls as well. During the mid-day lunch-break, CHS Sparkle Motion will face off against the Yorktown Girls for the Kit Kat '06 Girls championship!

The NJ Division features teams heavy on inexperienced players. This Sunday will be a great learning experience for them.

So, in all three divisions, PADA is playing host to 24 teams. Not bad...

Fantusta said...

Ah, I didn't get a hand on the Medford info. As Hip Hop's 2006 Medford division champs, I'm glad to hear there will be a good tourney there again.
Thanks, Ben!

Anonymous said...

anyone have results here? post em if ya got em!

Anonymous said...

b division was called off because of rain in the morning, i don't know about a division

Anonymous said...

Pennsbury beat columbia in the finals

Anonymous said...

so besides pennsbury beating columbia...wat other teams looked good? players? anything else on the tournament?

Anonymous said...

Watchung Hills Wins Division B!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Technically, Watchung Hills won Kit Kat Division II-A. Division II was cancelled on account of weather.

Full results from Medford, NJ:

In an exhibition game, Yorktown Girls won over Columbia HS Girls (aka Sparkle Motion).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, from what i hear from the 4 games pennsbury played at Kat in the Hat. All the teams combined only scored 8 points!

Anonymous said...

we had 9 points scored against us all day. columbia was closer than the score showed. missing 2 of ther top 3 players they should be our competition in the fall. Mark Dundala #3 Peyote

Anonymous said...

How did princeton hs do?

Anonymous said...

Here are most of the Kat results.

2006 Kat in the Hat Results
at Brandywine Polo Fields, 10-1-06

Division I

Pool A
Pennsbury (PA) 13 Cardinal O’Hara (PA) 2
Pennsbury 13 Stuyvesant (NY) 2
Stuyvesant 9 Cardinal O’Hara 8

Pool B
Columbia 13 (NJ) Cheltenham (PA) 5
Columbia 13 Neshaminy 2
Cheltenham 9 Neshaminy 8

Pool C
Yorktown (VA) 13 Council Rock South (PA) 3
Yorktown (VA) 13 Beacon (NY) 0
Council Rock South 12 Beacon 6

Pool D
Pterodactyls (PA) 13 Wissahickon (PA) 7
Princeton (NJ) 12 Wissahickon (PA) 7
Pterodactyls (PA) 11 Princeton (NJ) 10

Pennsbury 13 Pterodactyls 1
Columbia 13 Yorktown 7

Consolation Semis (5th through 8th)
Princeton 13 Stuyvesant 9
Council Rock South 13 Neshaminy 8

9th place game
Cardinal O’Hara 16 Beacon 14

7th place game
Neshaminy 10 Stuyvesant 9

5th place game
Princeton defeated Council Rock South

3rd place game
Yorktown 13 Pterodactyls 6

Pennsbury 13 Columbia 4

SPIRIT AWARD- Stuyvesant

Although only 9 points were scores on Pennsbury, one of them was an amazing layout - right into my living room. I had just sat down behind the end zone and Zander Padget made a great layout catch for Columbia. Quite high in the air, an awesome catch. You don't need to take my word for it. Alex Peters was there competing in Mixed Regionals. He had just taken his camera out and started snapping and he caught the photo. It should be up on his sie in a few weeks.

Other notes from the tourney. Chris Vanni was correct in his assessment that Pool D would be the most competitive. The Pterodactyls had defeated Wissahickon and had a 10-6 lead over Princeton as the time cap approached. Princeton came back point by point to tie the score at 10. Universe point and Princeton had the momentum. However, the Pterodactyls pulled it out to gain an 11-10 win and a spot in the semis. So, half of the semifinalists were from Pennsbury.

We were also very fortunate to play at the Brandywine Polo Club- very nice fields.

Congrats to all of the teams on a competetive day of ultimate.

Mark Rosser

Alex Kinsey said...

Princeton placed 5th. We brought 17 players to the tournament, but only 4 had any considerable playing time last year. The game against the Pterodactyls was tough and they were fired up and their experience really played to their advantage. In the other games we played a lot of our new players so that could gain tournament experience for the future. It was a good tournament and i saw a lot of good things out of our new players.

Alex Peters said...

The photo is up now, I decided to process Kit Kat first since I only took like 10 pictures.

Anonymous said...

The Pterodactyls came into this tourny pumped to play and we were very sastified with finishing first in our pool. Princeton and Wiss. were worthy opponents, having beaten us every past game.
Cap. Dac.
Matthew Cummins

Anonymous said...

What actually separates the two Pennsbury teams: Peyote and Pterodactyls?

Is it a difference in philosophy? Commitment?

On another note, why the lack of HS tournaments in the fall? Especially in the NYC, NJ, PA area...

Are there any teams who are willing to host small tourneys, on short notice, on the following weekends?

Oct 27-8
Nov 4-5
Nov 12 (NYC HS Invitational)

Someone step up! Teams are hungry to play.

Anonymous said...

im impressed that princeton did as well as they did, considering that they graduated so many players last year. i wonder how they'll match up to watchung or jps this year.

Anonymous said...

The Pterodactyls are the remnants of Pennsbury Peyote and Pennsbury B-unit after cuts were made two years ago. They formed their own team and have been relatively successful in the PHUEL league and the surrounding area. SO technically, Pennsbury High School has 3 teams: Peyote, B-Unit, and The Pterodactyls.

Anonymous said...

Pennsbury just recently started a girls team. yes pennsbury now has 4 ultimate teams at their school