Tuesday, August 01, 2006

YCC Seeds/Pools/Schedules announced

The UPA YCC website has given us some info to get us ready for this upcoming weekend:

http://youth2006.upa.org/schedule.php has the schedules for all 3 divisions at the bottom. They're also up on Score Reporter.

Let's get some talk about this weekend's big tournament. I know Worlds overshadows it a bit, but there are plenty of great players and great teams descending upon Minnesota.

In the open division:
Pool A:
1 Seattle
4 Pittsburgh
5 Madison
8 Texas

Pool B:
2 New England
3 Philadelphia
6 Minneapolis
7 Denver

Teams reseeded into quarterfinals on Sunday.

Can Seattle defend their crown? Can a New England squad missing some top ARHS players but adding some depth from around the area win? Is Philadelphia's talented squad going to come together? Will Pittsburgh's months of working together pay off? What about Madison and Minneapolis, with Madison West and Hopkins having very good showings this spring? Or relative unknowns Denver and complete unknowns Texas?
It'll be good.

1 pool, 6 teams, top 2 seeds get a bye:

1 Minneapolis
2 New England
3 Cincinatti
4 Seattle
5 Manitoba
6 Des Moines

Can the hosts defend their top seed? Can Canada make some noise? Eh?

1 pool, 5 teams, bottom 2 seeds play in on Sunday:

1 Seattle
2 New England
3 Minnesapolis
4 Denver
5 Madison

Another 1-2 punch of Seattle and New England. Who will come out on top?


McCabe said...

where is the chatter?

by my count there have got to be representatives for at least 11 different cities and leagues at the YCC event this weekend. so by my count there should at least be 11 cities or leagues pulling for their respective teams in Minnesota.

my calls for the open division - im looking at Madison to definitely break seed, and put up a fight where people didnt expect it.

after the wisconsin showing at easterns, i dont doubt that there are enough quality players to throw together a team to challenge some of the "powerhouses"

Texas is back.

One major major benefit of the YCC event is it allows teams from around the country to see the level of disc played in other parts.

To my limited knowledge Texas has never sent a team to westerns, but Texas managed to get an all-star team to YCCs - [which from my cranial dot connection and logical induction, deduction?] - allowed them to see the play of Pittsburgh high schoolers and the New England and Seattle crews.

building from that, and combined with elite level club leadership and coaching i think Texas will be improving on their placing from last year.

Pittsburgh - of all the teams ive seen prepare for the YCC event pittsburgh has been the most diligent it seems, traveling to numerous tournaments as a YCC team, whereas other programs choose to allow players to attend tournaments on a more individual basis to improve skill sets. I think this strategy will reap large benefits for the impulsive crew, i see them at least maintaining seed and perhaps beating it.

but as i started the comment off with - ya gotta go with the hometown heroes. im plugging for Philly all the way this weekend (though Pittsburgh has a special place in my heart as well).

anyone else wanna throw some analysis in the mix?

Anonymous said...

Don't discount Denver. The guys have been practicing hard all through the summer, and while they don't seem to have many superstars, they are a cohesive group who play good, solid ultimate. I definitely think that they are capable of beating seed.

Anonymous said...

I was at JEM this past week and got to briefly watch the Colorado team pound a few points against the JEM team, they looked pretty athletic, and pretty good.

As for the MN open team, they are missing a number of key Hopkins players, but I think they will still make quite a showing.

I have not seen the MN mixed team in action, but if this Cathedral based team works like their open team, they are going to come out fast and hard.

Anonymous said...

the three hopkins captains are not participating in YCC this year, but the MN open team has some younger upcoming HUrtem's participating

Anonymous said...

Colorado high school ultimate wasn’t highly covered in the press, there are many all stars coming from Colorado. On a honorable mention would be Harrison Fast (a contributor on this site) he is known all over Colorado for being an elite high school player, money or hard ships have brought him down, limiting his ability to play club and team usa. But he triumphed in the Denver leagues and clubs. He would play mainly pick up outside of league and high school and would whoop up on all the other players, the hecklers would roar and yell “he's still in high school!” the crowd would go wild about how young he was, but boy he had talent. He would “school” all the other players. Everyone knows him as an elite young ultimate player. I say watch out for Colorado/Denver the team is very tight knit and they all perform very well together. Plus they practice at or above 5280 feet.

Ryan said...

I don't expect New England to hold seed.

Stephen said...

Out of the mixed division, it looks like Manitoba might be underseeded as they seem to have a youtyh club team that's played together for a while. Also, I believe they have upwards of 6 guys from the canadian national team coming to YCC.

Don't be too surprised if NE mixed is stronger than people expect.

Rob Wakeman said...

Are team rosters available anywhere?

Julian Hausman said...

The Open pools are set up to bring 3 really good matchups:

New England vs. Philly

Philly has alot of really talented players from their 4 strongest schools (all of the calibur to beat teams at Easterns). They haven't worked much together, but their individual talent will definately makeup for it.

I don't really know much about New England, or who is on the team. I know who they don't have, which is why I am predicting SEPDA to win this game and take the 1st seed of the B pool.

Dever vs. Minnesota

I don't know a whole lot about the roster of these two teams, but from the posts above, it seems that these guys will be pretty evenly matched, though Minnesota is going to be hurting (no pun intended) without the three Hopkins captains. Because of this, and the just the fact that not many people know about Denver, im going to predict Denver wins this game.

Madison vs. Pittsburgh

Last year this same matchup was extremely close, so much so that had Pittsburgh scored one more point on Madison, regardless of the score, Pittsburgh would have advanced to semis rather than Madison. This game is going to decide the 2nd and 3rd seed of the A pool (Seattle probably taking 1, and Texas 4).

Madison had a very strong showing at Easterns, with Madison West and Memorial. They were talented players and capitalized on the opportunities given to them.

As a player for Pittsburgh, I can definately say that we are a whole lot better than last year. We have played two open club tournaments, No Surf and Swill in the Ville, and went 5-2 in both. Pittsburgh has a solid roster, from the 1st player to the 21st, every player on the team contributes.

I know im biased, but this game is going to Pittsburgh.

Predicted Open Results after Day 1:

Pool A:


Pool B:


Anonymous said...

Yes, Harrison's good, but he is by no means the only player worth watching on White Out (Colorado). Other players to watch would be Hylke Sneider, Joe Hand, CT Hongdoxmai, Marco Alatorre, and Pat "Gumby" Erley.

The Colorado girls are almost completely unknown, and are looking to turn some heads in Blaine. Players to watch are Alex Swanson, Nicole Proulx, Alli "Hammer" Hamrick (co captain), and Laura Burkhardt.

Anonymous said...

There have been a couple of freakish accidents in the last few days that might make Philly's run a little bit tougher. Noah cut his hand, and Brain Nevison had his crushed in the trunk of someone's car.


Anonymous said...

For someone named Brain he doesn't seem that smart.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Brian. I didn't realize the typo-police patrolled this neighborhood... .

Anonymous said...

The Manitoba team is DEFFINATELY under seeded. I believe the team is called MoFo or MoFro or something. They have been around for a while and have historically done very well in these type of events, especially in Canada. Watch for them to make some noise.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hype, whoever posted it. Denver is looking to come and, hopefully, turn a few heads. The two Colorado teams that played in Westerns this year ended up tied for 7th, playing well against most of their competitors.

-harrison fast

Anonymous said...

dont be soo close minded about minnesota there a small fast team that have been working for a while together. they have a few HUGE threats and will be very entertaining to watch. get ready for an intense weekend filled with great layouts and skies

Anonymous said...

of the 3 new england teams that are seeded second, which one has the best chance of winning?

Ryan said...

I really can't see any of them winning, but I'd give it to the girls.

Anonymous said...

What's the news from the #1 seeded Seattle Girls and Open teams? Are they bringing their Worlds players?

Hannah Kawai
Drew Johnson
Fiona McKibben
Anna Snyder

Jeremy Norden
Casey Ikeda