Saturday, August 05, 2006

YCC Going on NOW!!!

well soon anyway.

All the teams [should be] now nestled in their Minnesota lodgings awaiting the beginning of competition in the most elite US high school tournament of the year.

Easterns yes, Westerns of course, but YCC - this is for real, take the best from both easterns and westerns, plus the tops from the state championship teams, throw em together to create some all-star littered showcase of regional rivalry.

for your prognosticating pleasure, the final seedings again below....

Open - (Schedule | Results)
1. Seattle
2. New England
3. Philadelphia
4. Pittsburgh
5. Madison
6. Minneapolis
7. Denver
8. Texas
Mixed - (Schedule | Results)
1. Minneapolis
2. New England
3. Cincinatti
4. Seattle
5. Manitoba
6. Des Moines
Girls' (Schedule | Results)
1. Seattle
2. New England
3. Minnesapolis
4. Denver
5. Madison

[edit 1:19am - also, at 10pm tonight (last night) the UPA posted the event program and media guide online, more in depth comments and analysis of that later, but for your reading pleasure you can click here for the full booklet.]

if you've got results ya better post em in the comments, cause people are itchin to hear. or if you see something of interest on the score reporter site, comments never hurt anyone.

(Lets go Philly!)


billy said...

Page 21 of the event program is great. I'm going to use that at my next event.

Any scores? 2 rounds are in the books already.

McCabe said...

word on the street from Rob Olson (c/o Knappy) is that Philly went 2-1 on the day.

idk any specific scores and nothing has been posted online.

if ya got info, anyone please post it!

McCabe said...

c/o of the Pittbsurgh message boards

Pittsburgh 14 Texas 6
Pittsburgh 15 Madison 3
Pittsburgh 3 Seattle 13

tiinabooth said...

I just heard that New England Open went 1-2, beating Minnesota, losing to Colorado by 1 and losing to Philly by a lot. Therefore, it seems that Colorado went 3-0.
New England girls went 2-1, losing by a lot to Seattle.
New England mixed supposedly had a good day, winning all their games.
I vouch for none of these results. It's just what I heard secondhand.

Mike Mullen said...

Hey all,

I just got calls from Rusty Brown (Seattle Boys Head Coach) and Meredith Tosta (Seattle Mixed Head Coach). Apparently the girls and boys went 4-0, and the mixed team went 0-4.

Looking forward to seeing all the results up soon. Sounds like the tournament is a lot of fun.


Anonymous said...

Philly won their pool: We beat Colorado and New England, lost a tough game to Minnesota. Colorado and Philly both finished 2-1 in the pool, but Philly gets the nod due to head-to-head. Seattle won the other pool, without too much of a fight. Quarter matchups tomorrow will be:
Philly vs. Madison (B1 v. A4)
Seattle vs. Minnesota (A1 v. B4)
Pittsburgh vs. New England (A2 v. B3)
Texas vs. Colorado (A3 v. B2)