Friday, June 23, 2006

Super Best Friends at Eugene Solstice

Hey all,

Last weekend a group of Seattle, Eugene, and Bay Area high school guys put together a team named "Super Best Friends" to play at the Eugene, OR Solstice tourney in the adult open elite division. They ended up playing a juniors team from the Vancouver, BC area in the showcase game. Both teams had players that were playing for their respective national teams at Junior Worlds this year.

I have heard some details from one source and I think people reading this blog would also like to hear details, so I started this thread. So someone speak up.

A link to some pix from the tournament: has a play from the game as clip of the day. I think you can also pay to download highlights from the game at uvtv.

Here is the score reporter from the UPA results database:

It would be great if we could get some of the Vancouver, BC youth players or coaches involved in this blog too. They havea great scene up there though it is still mostly coed from what I know.



Anonymous said...

Here are more pictures from the junior showcase game:

McCabe said...

if anyone from the vancouver high school scene is out there, email the site if you are interested in contributing, we'll definitely see what we can work out.


Kevin said...

The team was pretty good. We had Taylor Lahey and Jeremy Norden who made junior worlds, and Sam KS who is an alternate, along with Eli Friedman who played in the showcase game. Pretty much everybody on the team was at junior worlds tryouts. The coolest thing was that of the 20 or so on the roster, I think only 6 or 7 graduated, meaning the majority of the team will still be in HS next year.

We had no coach, which performance wise was a bad move. We were never really on the same page, and something that we should've been good at, zone o, we blew at. On the other hand, we weren't looking to seriously win the tournament, and having a coach would've taken away from the whole Super Best Friends thing.

The whole shebang was pretty much organized by Gray Hoffman. He and a few other people decided that hey, let's put together a west coast all-star team and go have fun at a tournament, which we did. Plus we had sweet jerseys.

Anonymous said...

can we have an exact roster?

Kevin said...

Sam Barber (E)
Ivan Becker-Wayman (E)
John Bloch (E)
Mike Charrier (B)
Kevin Draper (B)
Daniel Force (E)
Gray Hoffman (S)
Jimmy Hooper (S)
Casey Ikeda (S)
Jacob Janin (E)
Sam Kittross-Schnell (S)
Taylor Lahey (B)
Zach Montes (S)
Jeremy Norden (S)
Nigel Peltier (S)
Mac Schneider (S)
Collin Smith (E)
Milo Snyder (S)
Ben Vigus (S)

S=Seattle, E=Eugene, B=Bay Area

I forgot to mention in my last post that Casey Ikeda on the team also made junior worlds. Yay Mighty Mite!

Anonymous said...

i think the canada team was half cnd jrs and half cnd jrs from two years ago with a couple of ubc players mixed in.

Thomas Sanchez said...

who is Mike Charrier? i don´t know lots of peoples last names.

The guy that used to play with you guys and now is on Mambird?

Kevin said...