Saturday, June 24, 2006

big announcement of the week #2

Ok, so for a long time now ive been wanting to expand the medium of the site. I love the content we have been posting for the past (almost) year now, i love the comments and interaction between contributors and readers. Its all wonderful, but I wanted to take it a step further in a simultaneous yet different direction.

What the hell am i talking about? yeah i get that a lot.

Well without further ado - announcing the PlayUltimate Podcast

if you dont know what i podcast is, let this site help you. the short version - its an .mp3 file, something you can play on any computer, burn to any cd, listen to on any portable music device. But its also something more than that, using programs like iTunes, or iPodder or the like you will be able to put a simple link into the program and then automatically when a new episode (.mp3 file) is created and put online - as soon as it is availiable it will be downloaded to your computer in iTunes etc.

So already that is very exciting because its something ive been wanting to do for some time now.
But again i say there is more - we will also be using a service called SkypeCast, if you havent heard of it before Skype is a free internet phone service. Basically how it will work is once every month or so we will host a radio show (the podcast) online and you will be able to "call in" to the show with comments, questions or whatever you see fit. Im also working on getting some ultimate stuff to give away during the shows - discs, jerseys, posters, etc.

The full episodes will be cleaned up with some intro and outro music etc, and be put online within a few days for those who didnt/couldnt tune in to the show live.

So there you have it, within the next month or so we will give this the first trial run to see how it goes. And hopefully within the next few weeks you will be listening to high school ultimate news and commentary from the definitive source - PlayUltimate.


Fantusta said...

My 56k dialup modem hates you.