Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Looking forward - YCC preseason heating up...

Pittsburgh's Impulse has just announced their team, the yet to be named Philly squad has completed their tryouts, numerous emails have been sent out to list serves about the New England effort.

Almost all school tournaments have concluded according to the UPA site - with the exception of Artic Zone in Mass. - so now those of us who follow the high school scene have two things to look forward to - Junior Worlds and YCCs.

So then - those of you involved with YCC teams what tournaments will you be using to warm up for the big show in Minnesota? Have most teams been announced yet?

Early favorites have to be New England with Amherst finishing #1 in RRI ranking for the year and Seattle with the Northwest school finishing #2 in RRIs.

The true question though is which region's all-stars are better. Can the keystone state give a showing this year featuring some of the largest high school ultimate leagues in the country - or will it just be a coast show again.

We'll announce all the rosters here as they are made public so keep checking back. Pittsburgh's Impulse squad is listed below the fold (click "continue reading" to check it out)

Chris Brenenborg (CENT)
Colin Conner (NH)
Zach Ehler (LEBO)
Ben Funk (NH)
Jack Gazdik (NH)
Julian Hausman (LEBO)
Jay Huerbin (HAMP)
Pete Imler (LEBO)
Alex Lamers (HAMP)
Chris Lippert (NH)
Dave Macurak (BETH)
Perry Martin (HAMP)
Brian Nelson (DICE)
Jeff Olko (NH)
Griffin Patterson (HAMP)
Zach Reinhardt (BETH)
Brent Shipe (BETH)
Zack Smith (LEBO)
Hao Su (LEBO)
Alex Thorne (NH)
Bennett Washburn (WINC)

CENT - Central Catholic
BETH - Bethel Park
DICE - Alderdice
LEBO - Mt. Lebonan
NH - North Hills
HAMP - Hampton
WINC - Winchester Thurston

PHUL Results from 2006


Anonymous said...

Colorado's Team has just been formed. Our first practice is this week. I hear talk of playing a couple local tournaments, and possibly games against JEM teams.

tiinabooth said...

I hate to sound like a broken record, but ARHS is NOT going to YCC. We have 4 of our starters going to Worlds, other players are playing club and/or working, and I have six weeks of camps between the end of June and then. We do not have the time, energy, or money to bring a team to YCC.
Josh Seamon IS holding tryouts for YCC at ARHS this Saturday, and some ARHS kids (from varsity, JVA and JVB) are trying out, but so are many others from around the region. I fully expect them to be a strong squad and hope to help them out in any way I can while they are training here througout the summer.

Anonymous said...

McCabe is right when he says that _almost_ all school tournaments have concluded.

There's one more state championship to be decided this coming weekend. New Jersey.

Will it be six straight state titles for Columbia High? Or is this the year that someone catches them? Princeton High? Watchung Hills?

12 teams from across the Garden State are competing. Tournament at the Mercer County summer league fields. Directions at www.mcudl.org.

hfast said...

Hey tiina... McCabe never said anywhere in his post that Amherst was sending a team. He said that NEPSUL's team looked strong considering it was drawing from Amherst's talent.

Colorado: The team is set, 23 players on the roster out of 40 some that tried out (open). Should be interesting to see where Colorado's all stars stack up against everyone elses.

McCabe said...

side note - all i know in regards to tournaments and results etc is what people tell me and what i can gather from online sources.

so if anyone wants coverage of an event - shoot an email to playultimateblog@gmail.com and we'll see what we can do.

tiinabooth said...

Hey hfast-
I think you are right. Sorry for the misread. It happens to all us burnt-out English teachers at this time of year!

Anonymous said...

Columbia will win the NJ states again this year. No one can beat them in the state of NJ

Anonymous said...

Princeton has won 2 of the 3 matchups this year, granted that none of the three games were played under ideal conditions, yet they still won. Also they both disappointingly finished 7th at easterns. Columbia does not have the tournament won already by any means. It will be an interesting two days

Anonymous said...

columbia relies much more on a structured offense, pinpoint throws, and solid, solid fundamentals. They rarely drop. Each and every one of their players can throw and catch very well. However, their lack of height is sometimes glaringly obvious. Zander's ridiculous athleticism and layouts, jesse's perfect throws, josh's speed, and everyone else's overall ability makes them quite a potent team. They have a very efficient dump-swing offense and cuts that get open all the time. I'm not sure how they lost to Mt. Lebo at Easterns, even if they were tired after playing pennsbury to universe.

princeton is more athletic when their entire team is present and they have enough good throwers to do well. They practice much less than many teams and their play reflects that. Their offense is more haphazard and often succumbs to turnovers or bad decisions. But they have 5 or 6 players over 6 feet tall (one is 6'5", 2 others can dunk). Angus is arguably the best overall player on either team and eddie despite his knee is a sick handler and defender. If their best deep who was injured in april is back for states, he can be unstoppable. Bryant, the short but fast athletic receiver who was absent for their past 4 tournaments, might be back this weekend.

Either team can win this tournament - columbia with their fundamentals, princeton with their height and athleticism. However, princeton still might be missing players that they've been missing all of may and if they do, columbia will win. If not, look for princeton to huck on every point, and probably score. Their meeting in the finals should be a good game to watch.

Anonymous said...

Columbia and Princeton played twice this season and twice in the fall, splitting both games both seasons.

Josh Cincotta fast? Angus Picala the best player on either team? What have you been smoking?

Alex Peters said...

Philly YCC team just announced

Aman Nalavade (Wissahickon)
Dave Kelly (Wissahickon)
Eddie Peters (CB East)
Brian Nevison (Lower Merion)
Frank Harris (Pennsbury)
Art Shull (CB East)
Gabe Friedman (Lower Merion)
Scotty Wright (Pennsbury)
Kyle Baynes (Wissahickon)
Mike Maio (CB East)
Max Abrahams (Lower Merion)
Luke Herrine (Lower Merion)
Mike Plunkett (Wissahickon)
Chris Vanni (Lower Merion)
Aaron Pavitt
John Stavinga (Wissahickon)
Mark Dundala (Pennsbury)
Erik Alexander (Lower Merion)
Mike Principe (Pennsbury)
Justin Principe (Pennsbury)

Two of philly's better players, Noah Saul and Ryan Bleam will not be attending do to injury and unavailability.

Anonymous said...

how come there are no previews of the NJ state championship? all the other states had that. i guess it is only because columbia will just win it all and there is nothing to preview. oh well.

Anonymous said...

umm perhaps it is because there is no contributor from new jersey. so you're sort of an idiot. but yeah, columbia does seem to have a good chance of winning again.

Anonymous said...

that philly team looks pretty tight. led by the best players on pennsbury/wissahickon. i would give them a fighting chance to win it all.

Anonymous said...

The Base New England Team (looking for 8-10 more players)
1 Casey, Dan Fitchburg State College
2 Confort Jr., Tom RIUT (University of Rhode Island Ultimate)
3 Corkill, Kellen Amherst Varsity
4 Friedman, David Wisconsin-B
5 Guild, Matt, Amherst Varsity
6 Hays-Wehle, Henry Milton MUD Men
7 Herscu Misha, Amherst JVA
8 Hutchins, A. J. Longmeadow Varsity
9 Jacobs, Ryan The Compass School
10 Kiefer, Andrew Amherst Varsity
11 Lawlor, Michael Amherst JVA
12 Poisson, Dan Longmeadow Varsity
13 Salwen, Adam, Amherst JVA
14 Saunders, Jacob The Compass School

Anonymous said...

haha, eric alexander is spelled with a c, if you please...

Fantusta said...

Quick update from Philly...
Noah and Bleam WILL both be playing on the team. Noah's been out for "6-8 weeks" for as long as I can remember, so we'll see how he turns out.
Go us.

Anonymous said...

Do you have to play PHUEL or in PA to be on the team?