Thursday, June 22, 2006

if the rest of the world isnt there...

its just not worlds. so you love team usa, you heart them even. you cant wait to go watch them in devens tearing it up and crushing the rest of the world. but wait, what if no other teams are able to come?

lets face it folks, not looking at any favorites, or predictions, or bragging rights or anything like that - its not a world championship unless the rest of the world is there.

We already asked you to help the Venezuelan team, well the Columbian WJUC team needs some help too - so if you can spare a few dollars, send it over. Just click the link below and help a fellow ultimate player out. And if you see em at the fields at Devens how freaking sweet would you feel knowing you helped someone a half a globe away get to the world championships.

Donate to Colombian Juniors Ultimate for the World Championships