Friday, June 02, 2006

8 Straight

May 31st marked the end of our 10th month of operation here at PlayUltimate and perhaps more importantly our 8th straight month of growth!!

You and 7,500 of your closest friends decided to visit the site this past month making May the most visited month in the history of PlayUltimate!

We would like to thank you for your continued support.

This summer we look to expand our coverage entirely cover YCCs, Junior Worlds, as well as anything else high school ultimate related that comes along so stay tuned.

In addition to comprehensive written coverage of all high school ultimate in the US we are also working behind the scenes now on some brand new features which we truly hope you will enjoy. Many with extensive user interaction, I promise to announce what the hell we are talking about soon once i work some bugs out.

In the mean time please help us grow!!

Our goal is entirely national coverage of high school ultimate in the USA, so please link to the site, forward posts to your friends, post on message boards, put the headlines in your myspace or xanga or whatever the hell people use these days.

The more you promote the site the more content we will be able to deliver to you.

Dont have somewhere to link to us? Well there are other ways you can interact and support the site -

We look forward to making June another record month for readership of the site (we gotta beat 7,500!).

So once again - thank you.