Thursday, May 18, 2006

Westerns Preview - South Eugene Open & Girls

I should have asked South Eugene HS what they would like to have written about them earlier this week when I fogot they could not post articles... But, I'll let them comment and then I'll get it added to this main post.

So, South, what do you have to say about yourselves?

From my perspective, South Eugene is a team I am happy CHS doesn't have to face on Saturday... To see how they nearly took CHS out at OHSUR, our first Oregon State Tournament for the open and girls division, check out the video: OHSUR - mpg


Johnny B said...

I would prefer to not brag about my team. We huck and we're pretty good. That's as far as I want to go. I would rather that other people who have played us write an unbiased opinion of our team, good or bad. It would be a more accurate representation of our skill level and style of play.

Anonymous said...

you guys pretty much suck and are the worst spirited players i've ever had the disprivilige to play. i don't think you have a chance at breaking hopkins for seed and i would even state that you'll drop to the 3rd in your pool, and then out at quarterfinals.

dforce said...

I would have to disagree with the comment above. South is a great team and definately won't go to third in their pool, expect them to come out fired up and with lots of intensity. I hate anonymous posters.