Saturday, January 14, 2006

new website for men's college ultimate...

Recently announced (within the last few hours i believe) there is a new website online for news about men's college ultimate. Its quite similar to what we are doing here for the high school scene.

the address if you want to check it out -

my question to you as high school players (or those involved in some way, or interested in any way with high school ultimate) - do you follow college or club ultimate at all? do your team mates? do you think you/they should if you/they dont already? how about club ultimate?

i know when i was in hs, i was starving for information about the college game, all i could find though really was the limited UPA recaps of certain tournaments, and those brave organized TDs who would put up tournament summaries after each day. god im about to sound old (even though only a year has passed) but times sure have changed. you now have CollegeUlti for the men's college scene, ICUltimate for the womens ultimate scene, and PlayUltimate for the high school scene.



Andy Hwang said...

I play on a (pretty bad) HS team in NJ, and none of my teammates follow college/club ultimate at all. They also don't intend to play college ultimate, while I do, so that is probably the reason why.

TallE said...

trust me, mccabe, you don't sound old.