Wednesday, January 11, 2006

neato new things on the blog...

hey, hi, hello there loyal readers... so it is january, and save a few local winter leagues ultimate has gone into hibernation in the high school ultimate world, except for those devout players seeking to better their game in the offseason by running, lifting, training, sprinting, and of course reading the PlayUltimate blog.

now seeing as everybody loves when things are simple and easy, we have attempted to make your reading of this site as simple and easy as possible.

thus in the past few days, as im sure some of you have astutely noticed, we have added a few features to the site that will allow you to easily access the content more readily than painstakingly typing in our entire url.

email subscription - at your right you will notice that you can merely enter your email address and you will receive a daily email update in your inbox of the recent posts on the site.

rss feeds - we have had these for a while now, but might as well plug em - at right are a ton of buttons for adding the site to whatever rss feed reader you use (myYahoo, Google, Bloglines whatever) - if you dont use a feed reader, i suggest checking them out, they are pretty cool, usefull little gadgets that make your life alot easier and save you considerable time surfing the web (explanation from wikipedia) (list of feed readers from wikipedia)

latest PlayUltimateBlog - Latest Headlinesheadlines - so you have a blog, or a website of some king (myspace, livejournal, xanga etc) and want to refer people to our site so they can start to understand what exactly ultimate is, or how big the high school scene is, whatever, now you can copy and past a bit of script and have the latest headlines appear on your site. (shown below) the code is on the right hand side if you scroll down...

i know i know we have already done too much, but theres more...

frappr - yeah i didnt know what it meant a few days ago either, but thats beside the point. frappr is a site which through the magic of google maps and a few other neato technologies allows groups of people with similar interests (in our case high school ultimate and this blog) to connect in an interesting way. you can essentially add a little pin point on the map of where you are reading from, if you want you can add a profile photo, description - whatever. i thought it was pretty cool, perhaps you will as well. its fun to see where people are coming from to the site, we have stats by time zone, but that really doesnt tell the whole story.

bookmark on - i dont personally use this site, but apparently alot of people do, so i added a link for people to easily bookmark us on there. for simplicity's sake, you can click here.

there is also a link now on the lower right hand side to easily add us to your blogroll (service by

for poops and giggles, you can check out how much the site is currently "worth", which is factored by how many different websites of varying sizes link to us.

which brings me to the last thing recently added to the site, an easy way to link to us, on the right hand side if you scroll down you can see text box with the necessary code to link to the site.

if you want other people to hear about the site, or feel that they might be interested in what we post here, please by all means add a link to us somewhere online. linkage and word of mouth are really the two ways any site can hope to grow, and we are attempting to grow this site into a national news source for high school ultimate, and if that is going to be the case, it only seems right that people from all over the country should have the chance to read the coverage.

so thats just a brief rundown of what we have recently added to the site, you can look for more fun unique little widgets to pop up on the site in the future, and we may let you know about em through a post, or perhaps we will just let them be discovered gradually, either way we thank you for your continued support, and look forward to giving you the latest in high school ultimate news as the seasons begin to gear up.

keep it classy and play ultimate...


Earmuffs said...

I think the map thing is really tight and everyone should get on that. Its cool to know where everyones coming from and see the different styles of play/points of view/strategy from other parts of the country.

TallE said...

Pretty interesting, but your tags are a little misleading. What about all the poor people looking for into on the "school play" or "foul air?" Personally, I was looking for "spirit music."