Wednesday, January 25, 2006

junior worlds thread...

we have a whole slew of things waiting for you in the coming few weeks, rundowns, previews, polls etc.

but for the time being in the high school ultimate world the biggest news are the tryouts for the junior national team which will participate in worlds, held this year in massachussettes

thus an open thread for your debate, discussion etc. who do you know who was accepted? who should have gotten the nod? etc

we are working on getting a complete list of those who got invitations to the tryouts, hopefully that will come within the next few days. but for now - conjecture!


Lukester said...

(I still need to check in with a few teams, but this is what I know)

South Eugene HS:
-John Bloch (junior - handler/deep - 6'2")
-Jacob Janin (sophomore - handler - 5'6")
Churchill HS:
-Daniel Force (junior - handler/deep - 6'0")

South Eugene HS:
-Chris Norton (senior - handler/deep - 5'9")
-Julia Sherwood (senior - cutter/deep - 5'5")
Churchill HS:
-Aubri Bishop (junior - cutter/deep - 5'10")
-Autumn Tocchi (junior - handler/cutter - 5'6")

Jake said...

From Hopkins:
Ben Feldman (senior - cutter - 5'10")
Justin Kaminsky (senior - handler/cutter/deep - 5'5")

conspicuously absent:
Yossi Kakou (senior - handler - 5'9")

i think it's odd as he's probably one of the top players in the midwest. maybe even moreso than the guys who made it to tryouts, in this coach's opinion. still, i'm proud of all my boys.

Nick said...

From Pittsburgh:

Chris Brenenborg (Central Catholic, Senior - Cutter)

James Lee (Shady Side Academy, Senior - Cutter)

Karl Nagy (Taylor Alderdice, Grad - Deep)

Noelle Evans (Fox Chapel, Junior - Cutter)

Christie Lawry (Hampton, Senior - Cutter)

Jeph B said...

I didnt make it because i was ruled as ineligible. good luck to those that did.