Monday, December 19, 2005

YCC in 2006

The youth club championships were a big success last year, but there just weren't as many teams as everyone was hoping for. I kind of believe this was because of short notice for a lot of youth areas and they couldn't get teams/money together in time. So, this year I'm kinda expecting a boom... who's planning on sending a team this year - and in what division. Also, if you don't really know where to start, Pittsburgh was in the same situation last year, so if you have questions, I might be able to help out. But seriously, who is going because this is eventually going to be THE showcase of Youth Ultimate and it would be sweet if it was sooner than later.


Justin Burdett said...

Once CPHUL gets up and running, I will be looking into finding volunteers to lead an effort to start a youth club team in central PA. We may be a few years off from making this team a reality, as our focus right now is obviously making sure the league is stable. We will likely try to play in the open division.

Some of the obstacles we will have to overcome include greater diversity and distance between our players. Holding regular practices at rotating locations will require a lot of commitment on our players, who may be traveling hours to practice. In that sense, our practices will need to be less frequent but longer.

- Justin Burdett
CPHUL Commissioner

McCabe said...

im going to talk to some of the philly powers that be, and see what we can do in the way of a team.

im hoping something comes of it.

do we know where its being hosted this year nick?

cause i know for alot of teams that is the make or break factor - cost.


Earmuffs said...

I believe its going to be in Blaine, Minnesota every year. But i know for a fact it is there this coming year.

McCabe said...

found it - Blaine, MN

the applications will be made availiable in january 2006

nick, do you know if all the teams from last year will definitely be returning?

Nick said...

Well I am hoping that they post here. I would assume that each of those teams will return.

Nick said...
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Nick said...

edit: If CPHUL is under the jurisdiction of PHUL, could those kids play for the Pittsburgh team until a team there is feasible? Or are the leagues seperate entities. Not sure if its even possible for those kids to travel to Pittsburgh for practices, but its something to think about.

Justin Burdett said...

CPHUL and PHUL are seperate entities, but are related since I have experience with how PHUL is run and have close ties with Darren and Dave. You bring up an interesting point, though, Nick - since these are club teams, can anyone play on any youth club team? Do they have to be league affiliated?

I'd love to give the CPHUL players a chance to play in the YCC even if we aren't able to get a team started immediately.

- Justin Burdett

Nick said...

Well if the leagues are wholly seperate, then Pittsburgh would not be able to apply under the sponsorship of PHUL and would have to apply as an at-large bid (which probably isn't the best thing to do).

Thomas Sanchez said...

Should we find motivation, the San Francisco Bay Area wants to send a team this year, as most of our superstars are graduating.

Nick said...

The earlier you start making plans the better. This way the entire league knows about it and you have time to fundraise.

Anonymous said...

In response to Nick and Justin's discussion: Amazingly, the UPA has a whole lot of information on team/league eligibility for the UPA YCC(who woulda thought?). You can get it all at:

Here's discussion topic for all of you out there in youth blogworld (feel free to make this it's own blog discussion):

Should the UPA tie the US Junior National team selection process to the Youth Club Championships?

And to give you an idea of what I mean:

You play for your summer league in your city -> you make your league's YCC team -> You go to the YCC -> the coaches scout the YCC and select players from there to the try-out camps -> players try-out the following March and are slected to the team.

So, the coaches would attend the 2007 YCC and select kids for 2008 US Junior Team try-out camps.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

In my opinion, I don't like that idea. Although it is an intersting thoguht, it would put the players that could not attend YCC at major disadvantages.

Anonymous said...

Well, as it stands now, everybody is at a disadvantage (becuase we select players to the try-out camps based on just an application and there is no clear path to making the try-out camps).

What if, in addition, players who could not attend the YCC could submit videos to the coaches?