Tuesday, December 20, 2005

PlayUltimate Contributors

So you read the content, perhaps you subscribe to the rss feed, perhaps you stumbled upon us following a link from somewhere in the vast reaches of this internet. No matter how you read the site and no matter how you found us, undoubtedly you are currently wondering who the hell we are, why we have any expertise on the subject of high school ultimate, and where the hell we come from.

Well fear not, because for the next week each of the contributors to the blog will be posting a brief bio, with hopefully everything you could ever want to know about them.

So check back in often, cause you will not want to miss these.

Hey, we promise once the seasons start up again, we will have a slew of timely and interesting content.

Further - if you are a budding journalist, or have an inspiring amount of insight on the high school ultimate scene, or you hail from a region we do not yet cover, drop us a comment with an email - we WANT more contributors, ESPECIALLY from the following regions - north west (washington, california, oregon), south east (georgia, north carolina), north east (new england, massachussettes, etc), great lakes area (minnesota, wisconsin, michigan) - so if you fit in to any of those categories, or perhaps you are just naturally sweet. leave a comment with an email address and we will contact you.


Anonymous said...


Hey. I'm Harrison Fast. I play for Cherry Creek High School (tied for last place at westerns last year. Woot. Were also the only Open team with 4 girls). Anyway. I'm currently captaining this team and I work religiously with youth ulti in Colorado. I organized the first ever Colorado Junior Fall Tournament and hopefully I'll be helping out in the future. Obviously I am at every tournament and usually know all the results. If you guys have the server space, or ever want to expand to video, myself and some team mates have gotten into the habit of filming tournaments. (We're working on a 10-15 minutes SW Regionals hilight video as of now). Let me know if you need a writer from Colorado. Kyle Weisbrod linked me and forwarded me the email he had been sent. Site looks like a cool idea. Good Luck.

-harrison fast

Coach Becker said...

Jason Becker here. Last year, a fellow teacher/flatballer and I organized the St. Louis HS Ultimate League. Last year, we had 8 teams--this year, we will have at least 14! The Juniors scene is hot in STL!

Admittedly, many of the teams are new, and the skill level is pretty basic right now (with the exception of a couple established schools that existed pre-league). But with that kind of growth, and this year, UPA sanctioning for the entire league, the St. Louis scene should be popping up on your maps before long.

About me: I've been playing since 1997, some club/college play, but mostly pickup. I probably don't have the street cred. that most of your contributors do, but I'd love the chance to chime in from time to time.

Regardless, I'm happy to have found your site. A national crossroads for the juniors game is desperately needed, and I hope that your site continues to grow in its reach and readership. Until then, I am

Jason Becker
My team: http://www.home.earthlink.net/~beckerj42/
STLHSUltimate: http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/STLHSUltimate/