Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas.... (a present from the PlayUltimate staff)

Happy holidays from the PlayUltimate staff, though hopefully not too many of you will be checking in today, and instead feasting on Christmas candies and turkey and whatever else, we'd just like to announce that we have a bit of a present for all of you this holiday season.

Announcing our newest contributor....

Thomas Sanchez from Alameda, California

Thomas will start checking in soon with a contributor bio, and you can expect high school updates from the northern california area to start rolling in soon after. With this addition we have expanded our coverage from coast to coast (again), bringing us to 6 contributors from three time zones, four states, and more than five high school communities from around the country. We are continuing to expand and hope to eventually canvass the entire ultimate playing United States, that of course will take time, so for now, thank you for reading and we promise big improvements over the next few months, and perhaps a few very exciting announcements regarding high school ultimate coverage......

but you'll just have to keep checking back for that.

Merry Christmas world, and in case we dont see you, have a sweet new year.